Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

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VI.836. Lauren Baldwin Maltby.

Note. "Hist. of Kansas, State and People, Vol. IV (1928), pp. 1826-1827" has two errors concerning Lauren Baldwin Maltby. It gives his date of birth as "1816". He was a son of Jesse Maltby, whose marriage to Laura M. Baldwin took place at Goshen, Conn., Feb. 11, 1823; their son Lauren Baldwin was b. Dec. 25, 1823, at Norfolk, Conn. (not Norwich, Conn.)

The above History of Kansas, by William E. Connelley, Sec. of Kansas State Hist. Soc., Topeka, Kansas, gives the following of him.

"He spent the greater part of his life at Oberlin, Ohio, where he was in the dairy business. Late in life he retired and moved to Topeka, Kansas, where he died in 1906, at the age of ninety years." (He would have been 83 in 1906). Extract is by Mr. Fred A. Molby of Baldwin, Kansas, 1954.

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VI.1106. John Winn Maltbie, b. May 5, 1819 (Wm.5, Jthon.4, Jthon.3, Jthon.2, Wm.1). He was an M.D., practiced in Lawrenceville, Ga. He is buried at Old Lawrenceville cemetery.

VII.2280A. Jennings Bryan Maltbie, b. Apr. 25, 1857, Georgia.  Died
             Nov. 19, 1925.  Bur. in cemetery near Buford and
             Lawrenceville, Ga.

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VII.1347. Continuation from later information.

When this MS. was written, we had only the VII.1347. Almond O. Maltby "believed to have married again." In March, 1956, we learn of children by this 2nd marriage. Therefore, by a 2nd wife we have: (Mar. (2) Emily E. Williams.)

VIII.2612A. Almond Maltby, b. Dec. 21, 1900.  (Has always used the
               name Tom Dick). Mar. but no child. Res. Portland, Ore.
VIII.2612B. Goldie Maltby, mar. Kieth Bertelson. Res. McMinniville,
               Oregon.  No children.
VIII.2612C. Eunice Maltby, mar. Joe Beckem. Res. Portland, Oregon.
VIII.2612D. Grace Maltby, mar. Mr. Martella. Res. 1744 Vallejo Way,
               Sacramento, California.

(Mrs. Alfie Maltby thinks there are other daughters in the East.)

One informant gives Almond Hosmer Maltby, b. Nov. 21, 1854. Born Buffalo, N.Y. (according to his grandson, Elbert O. Maltby). Mrs. Alfie Maltby, Portland, Oregon, says he was of Rochester, N.Y.

	Another source of information gives the following:
VIII.2612A. Tom Maltby, lives Eagle Creek, Oregon.
VIII.2612B. Goldie Maltby, lives Eagle Creek, Oregon.
VIII.2612C. Eunice Maltby, lives Eagle Creek, Oregon.
VIII.2612E. Bertha Maltby, lives at Fort Worth, Texas
VIII.2612F. Belle Maltby, mar. Clyde Dunn. Lives 331 S. Campbell Ave.
               Chicago 12, Illinois.  Has 3 sons and 1 daughter.