Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"appointed guardian to Jonathon Maltbie, minor son of Wm. Maltbie of Branford, deceased." Jonathon at this time was twelve years old. Daniel was guardian for not more than two years, as we then find "Jonathon Maultbie, Minor, choose Mr. Edward Barker of Branford to be his guardian." (New Haven Probate Rec., Vol. I (?) p. 66).

(County Court Rec. New Haven, Vol. III, p. 101).

"Jan. 1718-19. License was granted to Jonathon Maltbie of Branford to practice the art and mystery of a tanner."

"Sept. 25, 1719. Jonathon Maltbie married Mrs. Sarah Potter at Stamford, Conn. They were married by the Rev. John Davenport." Note. This would be Rev. John Davenport, d. 1731, whose 2nd wife was Elizabeth Morris, widow of William (2) Maltby. William Maltby and Elizabeth Morris had a son, Capt. William Maltby who mar. Sarah Davenport, b. 1702. She was daughter of the Rev. John Davenport and his first wife, Martha Gould, widow of John Selleck.

The Davenport Gen., p. 203, includes a reproduction of the old Davenport home on Elm Street, New Haven. Little is left of the original home, with the exception of the cellar, in which the ?egiside Judges were concealed. I have read that the original mansion contained thirteen fire-places.

The maiden name of Sarah--widow of Potter is not known, nor is it known where she married him. Possibly he descended from William and wife Frances Potter, as they had a daughter Sarah Potter of Branford, who mar. Robert Foote of Branford in 1659.

(Branford Rec. Vol. IV, p. 399).

"Oct. 26, 1719. Jonathan and Samuel Maltbie divide the land given them by their father."

(p. 197). Oct. 26, 1719. Deed of Samuel and Jonathan Maltbie of Branford, to their half-brother, Daniel Maltbie, of their right and interest in Beacon Swamp. (See under Daniel Maltbie).

Presumably Jonathon Maltbie resided in Branford in the "mansion" left him in his father's will, until about 1720, for: (Branford Rec. Vol. IV, p. 446) "Dec. 7, 1722. Deed. Jonathon Maltbie of Stamford, (Conn.) gentleman, gives land to Edward Barker in Branford."

Note. At this time Jonathan was only twenty four years old, yet he calls himself "gentleman." In April of 1722 he is called "cordwainer," and in Jan. 1718-19, we had the record where he was licensed to practice the "art and mystery of a tanner."

(Branford Rec. Vol. IV, p. 426). April 16, 1722. "Jonathon Maltbie of Stamford, cordwainer, sells Samuel Maltbie of Branford, 2 acres and 3 rods of land in Branford, for # 10.

(p. 445). Dec. 7, 1722. Deed. "Jonathon Maltbie of Stamford, cordwainer, for # 130 gives his brother, Daniel Maltbie of Branford, 10 Acres of land, being Jonathon's share of the home lot, given him by his father."

(p. 478). "Mar. 25, 1723. Jonathon Maltbie of Stamford, gentleman, for # 38-10s., gives his brother, Samuel Maltbie, of Branford, his interest in Cow pasture, 16 1/2 acres."

At the beginning of 1728, he served as townsman, or selectman, for twenty years and at this time was called "Major Maltbie." Notes from "Rev. E. B. Huntington's Hist. of Stamford."

"Jonathon Maltbie was Captain of Company Two, and on his resignation,