Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

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Copy of Statement signed Mrs. Lucina Molby, dated June 13th, 1879.

                       (From Floyd Lee Maltby)  

"James Graves Clark my father was born near the Conn. line and came to the State of New York when a young man, with his brother, both buying farms. ________Wilcox came there from Conn to visit his sister in Pompey, Onondaga Co. They became acquainted and finally married. They lived together until the birth of four children, when she experienced religion, joined the Presbyterian Church and had her children sprinkled. She lived until the twentieth of the next Sept- ember was taken sick and died. The day that she was buried my elder sister died. My younger brother lived until the next April and died in the village of Auburn, leaving my eldest brother and myself. Two years after my father was married in Auburn to Julia Goodrich of Conn. The fall before my 18th birthday I experienced religion and have ________ to live it from that time to the present. William Molby came from Salem Mass when three years old into our neighborhood and we were married Jan 29th 1823. We moved to Michigan in 1836 with five child- ren who are members of the Methodist Church. One son has since been added to the family. My husband died in Clarkston May 20th 1875.

                                   (signed) Mrs. Lucina Molby" 

Mr. Floyd Lee Maltby sent the following copy "unfinished letter in handwriting of Samuel Hugh Maltby, dated Aug. 1, 1916 (Addressee not stated)"

"Munger, August 1, 1916 Mich My Grandfather's name was Jonathan Maltby. He bought the farm in New York st. in 1803 near Baldwinsville. I was talking with your grandpa he said that he had the deed and that was the way it was spelled. Cousin Samuel Maltby - he died when my father was young and he lived a number of years with Unkle Jake Malt- by. There was one of Unkle Isaacs boys in Bay City. I will see (page missing)

My father was born in 1800 July 4th and had six children - Hiram Oct 30 1823, Julia 1826, Samuel Hugh 1828, Lovina 1831, Horace 1834, these were born in the State of New York, Isaac 1839 in Michigan. We came to Michigan in 1836. Father died in 1875. Was buried in Clarkston Cemetery Oakland County."

Comment by FA Molby, Baldwin, Kansas. 1955.

The letter signed by Mrs. Lucina Molby indicates that the spelling of the family name was sometimes Molby, sometimes Maltby. Also it in- dicates that her father married a Miss Wilcox as his 1st wife, and that Lucina's father and mother were natives of Connecticut, who mar- ried in Onondaga Co., N.Y.

The letter in the hand of Samuel Hugh Maltby appears to be the first draft of a letter which he wrote to me in 1916. His cousin, Samuel, of whom he speaks, was my grandfather.

William, b. 1800, and his sons, Samuel Hugh and Horace Haynes, spelled their names Maltby, whereas William's oldest son, Hiram's, name in the Adams Genealogy is Hiram Molby. William's brother, Jacob, and his children, seem to have used the spelling Maltby. The "Cousin Samuel" spelled it Molby as his father, Chester, spelled the name. Recorded mortgages and deeds prove that Jonathan came from Salem, N.Y. to Camillus, N.Y. F A M