Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

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Page 84a

III.29. Capt. Benjamin Maltby, (con't. from page 84)

This page (84a) is an insert of material copied by Mrs. James Burton Kring (Louise Maltby McNellis), March 19, 1957, at Wallingford.

(Wallingford Probate Records, Vol. IV, p. 177)

"Deacon Benjamin Maltby--15 Dec. 1796, late of Northford. Estate divided at request of Elizabeth, widow of Capt. Benjamin of Branford.

Heirs to Benjamin's Estate, late of Northford, 24 October 1796.

                    Benjamin Maltby
                    Jonathan Maltby
                    Isaac Maltby
                    Stephen Maltby
                    James Linsley
                    Sarah Linsley

Page 235a

V.371. John Maltby, b. 1768 (Sam.4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1) (Conn. Journal, Nov. 25, 1801) "John Maltby."

"Informs his Customers and others he has a good supply of water, and dresses cloth in--order, that he is in want of what is called Cash for which he will press cloth on the Shortest notice. He lives in Northford, a place called Pog North from Branford along as you'd jog."

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