Richard married Sarah Hornby. (Springthorpe Register) "1618. July 16. Richard Maltby and Sara Hornbie, both of Springthorpe". Richard's Will dated 22 April 1638, of Springthorpe, Lincoln, yeoman. He leaves his son Richard messuage wherein he dwells, 2 cottages, three acres in Springthorpe, long Moore, a half acre in Upper Gresble, all in Springthorpe, Sturgate and Little Coring (Corringham.) To son William a messuage purchased of William Ha???rd of Hamberstone. gent.

Eldest daughter Sarah 10 (pounds).

To daughter Margaret Maltbie a messuage in East Retford (Nottinghamshire) in tenure of William Stronghormes and Robert Sweaton and 100 marks to be paid at 21. Daughter Mary Maultby 100 (pounds) at 21. Each man servant 3/4. Sarah Sheriff 13/4. Witnesses: William Hornbe, John Rodes, Robert Marshall. Proved in Perogative Court of Canterbury 10 Nov. 1638 by Sarah Maltby the relict and Exex. 147 Lee". (In 1620 Richard Maltby was Church warden, Springthorpe) "Son John under 21", was the father of the emigrant brothers.) His will is dated 6 Oct. 1647. John Maltby of East Retford, Co. Nottingham, Alderman. Eldest son John Maltby houses in Briggate, East Retford, Carrlane, close in Little Gringley in Clarborough. Second son, William, my lands in Springthorpe and Little Corringham, Co. Lincoln. Eldest daughter Jane Maltby 100 (pounds) under 21. Brother Robert Maultby of Bawtry. Younger daughter Elizabeth 100 (pounds). Mrs. Anne Mason, godmother of Elizabeth. Child my wife is now with 50 (pounds). Wife Mary to hold my houses during the nonage of my sons Jon and William to have the residue and to be exex.

Sister Ellen Chatterton, 10/---- shillings

Nephew John Maltby 10/---- shillings

Servant Alice Moore 20/---- shillings

Poor of Springthorpe, 20/---- shillings

Brother Robert, friends Nic Dickens of Soundley, clerk, and Beaumont Sutton of East Retford, gent; to be overseers.

Witnesses: Anne Stounton

Tho. Maulby

Codicil. 28 Dec. 1647.

House in Briggate to be sold and 100 (pounds) to son John at 21 and the residue for my youngest son lately born.

Witnesses: Tho. Biggs

Tho. Maltby.

Proved in Perogative Court Yorkshire. April 1648.

Filed Will."

East Retford burials give the date "4 Jan. 1647/8"

"Notts. Marriage licenses."

"May 22, 1632. John Maltbye, of East Retford, Grocer, and Mary Williamson of Habellstrope (Habblesthorpe) spinster, at East Retford. (pp. 128.)" Habblesthorpe is now Leverton, just east of East Retford.

The "son John" of this Will, is John Maltby of New Haven, Conn; and a witness in 1664 to a deed at Derby, Conn. "Son William", is