Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(Branford Deeds. Vol. VII, p. 232)

"17 Feb. 1752. Elizabeth Maltbie of Branford, Widow, Relict of Capt. Samuel Maltbie, late of Branford, dec'd, William Gould, Jr. and Mary his wife, and Sarah Maltbie, all of Branford, to John Faster of the same town, a parcel of land in the township of Branford at a place called Pipestone Hill, containing about 20 acres, known by the name of Maltbie's Pasture." Note. Mary, dau. of Capt. Samuel mar. William Gould. "Sarah Maltbie" was evidently Samuel's dau. Sarah, b. 1729.

(Branford Land Rec. Vol. VI)

"Jan. 7, 1758. We, Edward Barker of Branford, John Barker of Wall- ingford, Jonathan Russell and Eunice Russell of Branford and John Tully and Mary Tully of Saybrook, quit claim unto Jonathan Rose and Abigail Rose, his wife, John Frisbie and Anna Frisbie, his wife, Huldah Frisbie, William Barker, Samuel Maltbie, Wm. Gould and Mary Gould his wife, Ed- ward Russell and Sarah Russell his wife, James Harrison and Abigail Harrison his wife, L--- Foote and Huldah Foote, all of Branford, all the estate rights that we have ever had unto the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th division of land laid out to the estate of Mr. Edward Barker the first of Branford."

These appear all to be heirs of Edward Barker, senior, of Branford. Mary Barker mar. John Russell, and as his widow, mar. John Tully. Samuel Maltbie would be an heir in right of his mother, Elizabeth Barker. This Samuel's sister, Mary, married William Gould, Jr. and Samuel's sister Sarah Maltby, mar. Edward Russell.

James Harrison, above, m. (2) Abigail Foote, dau. of Daniel Foote and Mary Barker.

Capt. Samuel Maltbie made his will 4th Day of January, 1750-1. Abstract of Will.

"To Elizabeth my wife, one Third of my Estate, both Real and per- sonal, that is, one third of my Real Estate During Life the Improvement of which Shall be one Third of Each particular piece of my Land and buildings until her decease and one Third of my Personal Estate forever to be at her own Dispose.

To my son Samuel Maltbie all my land at Northford, to wit, my Sixth and Seventh Division Lands and 4 acres Right from the Proprietors to Benjamin Tyler not yet laid out.

Also my Right of Propriety and Highways in Branford, also my meadow land in the Great Quarter (so called) also all my wearing apparrel, also all my Books, also my Gun, my Cane, my Ring, my Seal, 3 silver spoons that were my Hon'rd Father's, my Seal, also my Desk, my case of Bottles and my Chest, also my Clock and all my Husbandry Tools, also my Negro boy, upon condition yt my Son pay all that is due from me to the School Committe of Branford.

To my Two Daughters, Mary and Sarah Maltbie all the Reminder of my Estate both Real and personal to be Equally Divided between them both.

I make my son Samuel Maltbie and Nathaniel Harrison of Branford joint executors. . .In witness where of I have Set my hand and Seal the Day and year above said.

                                     Samuel Maltbie 
                                         mark. "