Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(Litchfield Rec., Vol. II, p.374) "Deed from Samuel Maltbie of ye County of New Haven, to John Lut- ley, for # 560 of the three sixty acre lots in the Crotch of Bantam Swamp, so called, and one hundred acre lot. Ye first sixty acre lot I bought of Henry Cook and the hundred acre lot of William Goodrich.

                                            Dated April 17, 1735." 

(Branford Rec., Vol. III, p.473)

"Feb. 3, 1736-7.  Plaintiff for # 400.  Granted." 
 (Vol. IV, p. 191) 
Case of debt.  1743. 
 (p. 224)  Case of debt.  1744. 

It was in 1740, that "Mr. Maltby, a large dealer in Coventry Stuffs and a zealous dissenter" is mentioned in Thomas Hutchinson's History of Massachusetts. This extract was given in full under the English section of this book. I can see no other Mr. Maltby in New England at this time who could have been the person referred to except Capt. Samuel Maltby.

The above is an important record. Briefly, "1740." Lord Euston's (son of the Duke of Grafton) election for Coventry was dubious. . .one of these gentlemen undertook to the Duke of Grafton to secure the election provided Mr. Belcher might be immediately removed. He represented to Mr. Maltby, a large dealer in Coventry stuffs and a zealous dissenter, that Mr. Belcher was with the Episcopal clergy, conspiring the ruining of the Congregational interests in New England, and unless he was immediately removed that it would be lost. That letters to his friends in Coventry would infallibly secure the election.

Maltby swallowed the bait, used all his influence for Lord Euston. The two gentlemen, spent three weeks at Coventry, and, according to the Duke's promise, Mr. Belcher was removed.

This account I received from Mr. Maltby himself who lamented that he had suffered himself to be so easily imposed on."

It seems to the compiler that Capt. Samuel Maltby was acquainted with Lord Euston, whose wife was Lady Dorothy Boyle, b. 1724; and daughter of Lady Dorothy Saville and husband, Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Bur- lington.

Lady Dorothy Savile was dau. of William Saville, Marquis of Halifax and wife Lady Mary Finch, dau. of Daniel Finch, Earl of Nottingham; and grand-dau. of Sir George Savile, d. 1695, Created, 1668, Baron Saville of Eland, Yorks,--and Viscount Halifax. In 1679 he was created Earl of Halifax and Marquis of Halifax, 1682.

This "Sir George Savil, bart.," we find in "Nottinghamshire Fest of Fines, 14-15 Charles II, 1662," where: "Sir George Savile, bart. and his wife Dorothy are joint vendors in East Retford, Notts; with Robert Farmary and Mary his wife (Mary Maltby), Cecilia Cherbury, widow, (dau of Sarah Maltby who mar. William Parks), William Mason, gent. (whose wife was Margaret Maltby) and John Maltby, vendors of a messuage, 2 cottages, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, etc. etc. in East Retford, Co. Notts."

The emigrant brothers, John, William and Robert, were nephews of Richard Maltby of Springthorpe, Lincoln. Richard's eldest son Richard died, his son John died in 1633, and his son William, also died.

Richard'd eldest dau. Sarah mar. William Parks, 1636, and had a dau. Cecily Park, mentioned in Richard's will--evidently she had mar. a Cherbury.