Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(vol. IV, Branford Rec.)

Oct. 26, 1719. Deed. Samuel and Jonathan Maltbie of Branford being fully persuaded it was ye mind and will of our Honrd. Father Wills. Maltbie that our brother Daniel Maltbie should have all his right and interest in Beaver Swamp, etc. have therefore given, etc. all our rights in the above swamp, 8 acres, etc." (Vol. IV, p. 426)

"April 16, 1722. Jonathan Maltbie of Stamford, cord wainer, sells Samuel Maltbie of Branford, 2 acres and 3 rods of land in Branford, for # 10." (Vol. IV, p.478)

"March 25, 1723. Jonathan Maltbie of Stamford, gentleman, for # 38- 10s., gives to his brother, Samuel Maltbie of Branford his interest in Cow pasture, 16 1/2 acres."

Samuel Maltby was Town Clerk at Branford, Conn., from Dec., 1721 to Nov. 22nd, 1746---a period of twenty-five years. The records are in his handwriting from Vol. IV, p. 384, to Vol. VI, p. 602. "It is a fine round hand, easily read and pleasant to the eyes of his great, great, great, great-grand-daughter!" writes Mrs. Cushman.

In Jan. 1724-5, a licence was granted him to keep a tavern in his new dwelling house until County Court in April 1726. Bond of # 20. This was renewed to "Capt. Samuel Maltbie" 'til 1728. (Vol. III, p.236)

(MS. Rec. State House, Hartford, Vol. III. Ecelesiastical)

Samuel Maltbie's name appears, signed to a petition, May 12, 1726."

(Vol. III, p. 229)

"Plaintiff about 20 acres of land." (p. 234) The same case later. (p. 239) "1727. Same case again," (Plaintiff 1726?) "Surety for Whead- on. Bond of # 300 to presecute the case.

(Vol. IV, p. 34)

"Surety for Captain John Wheadon against William Maltbie of New Haven, regarding 79 acres of land. Bond # 20 (p. 220), also p. 239, Case of debt, Won the case."

(Note. This would be William (3), Wm. (2), Wm. (1)).

(Litchfield Town Rec., p. 372)

"Deed dated Nov. 18, 1728, from Henry Cook to Capt. Samuel Malby of the town of Branford, in the County of New Haven, Consideration # 60."

(Litchfield Rec., Vol. I, p. 536)

"Capt. Malbie's deed from Goodrich. July 5, 1730. Deed of land in Litchfield, from William Goodrich of Copetenneck in ye province of Massachusetts Bay, in New England, Yeo- man, lately of Litchfield, etc. to Samuel Maltbie of Branford, of 3 several parcels of land in the Cretch of Bantam or Mill River, for the consideration of # 220."

(Branford Rec., Vol. III, p. 362) "Dec. 25, 1732. He was in two law suits as plaintiff." (p.468) "Plaintiff for # 80. Won the case."