Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Assembly holden at Hartford, May 10, 1716. This Assembly do establish Mr. Samuel Maltby of Branford, to be Capt. of the company of train band in the town of Branford, aforesaid."

Samuel Maltby was one of the two students who comprised the Class of 1712, Yale Collage and had the degree "A.B." The other graduate in this class was Russell, also of Branford. He married, Dec. 8, 1715, Elizabeth Barker, dau. of Deacon William and Elizabeth (Harrison) Barker. Elizabeth Barker was born in Dec., 1691, at Branford. They were married by Nathan Harrison, Justice of the Peace.

Deacon William Barker died Feb. 1, 1741, and his wife, Elizabeth Harrison, died Jan. 22, 1741. (Branford Burials). William Barker was a son of Edward Barker of Branford, called "a man of distinction there." In 1701-4 Edward Barker deeded land to his sons Edward, William, Jonathan and Daniel."

Elizabeth Harrison was born Jan. 1677-8 at New Haven. She was dau. of Ensign Thomas Harrison, b. ca. 1630, and died at Branford toward the end of 1704. He mar. (1) Feb. 1665-6, Dorothy--widow of John Thompson, called "Farmer." He m. (2) Mar. 29, 1666, Elizabeth--widow of Stent. Thomas Harrison was an Ensign in King Philps' War. He was a son of Richard Harrison, New Haven, 1644, who was from West Kirby, Cheshire, England.

Mrs. Cushman wrote: "The graves of William and Elizabeth Barker lie very near those of William and Abigail Maltby in Branford Cemetery."

The death of Samuel's father occurred during his college course, and on Jan. 13, 1712-13, we find at a Court held on this date: "Samuel Maultby, minor, of Branford, by Samuel Bishop, his overseer and next friend, and William Maultby, of New Haven, minor, by Elizabeth Maultby his mother and next friend, plaintiffs contra Henry Cook of Branford, Yeoman, defendant."

"1715-1730. Freeman of Branford, No. 51. Samuel Maltbie."

(Branford Rec., Vol. IV, p. 751)

"April 4, 1717. Eleazer Stent and Martha my wife, of Branford, for # 4-10s., to our brother, Samuel Ives of New Haven, 1 acre of meadow at a place called Mr. Yale's farm. Bounded East by a ditch, North by meadow of our brother, Ebenezer Ives, West by the upland and South by meadow of our brother Samuel Ives.

                                         Eleazer Stent 
Witnesses.  Usal Wardell                 Martha Stent. 
   Samuel Maltbie. 

(Vol. IV, p.399)

"Oct. 26, 1719. Jonathan and Samuel Maltbie divide the land given them by their father."

Mrs. Cushman was permitted by Rev. Gillet, Pastor at Branford, to examine "the precious church records, Mar. 7, 1687-8." Is it known what became of them? She writes, "I found a curious record among the church manuscripts, written by the first pastor, Rev. Samuel Russell, in the church book and then the pen was drawn across it, twice, as if it had been put in the wrong place. I could not decipher every word.

"Agreed with Sl. Maltbie to keep school for the full. . .one year, commencing from the first of January 1719 (?) and have engaged him thirty pounds passable money. . .his labor. . .

"Paid to S. Maltbie for the quarter. . .kept school, seven pounds and forty shillings toward payment of the present year."