Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

 Sworn in Court                    Test  Samuel Hill, Clerk. 
                                Samuel Stent     ) 
                                Samuel Harrington)    Apprisers. 

Note. Some of the items in the foregoing inventory are worth notice,

viz: "One pair of gloves, three pounds." For those days this sum seems a fabulous amount, especially as "one old bedstead and cord" are valued at six shillings! "One sealskin chair, 9 shillings, is also of interest, suggesting the sealskin had been brought from far northern waters. "One brass Kettle" is valued at seven pounds, while a brass candlestick is marked four shillings. The wooden mortar and pestte should be noted, as a descendant believes he owns this heirloom.

Then we have the "Sword, two pounds and fifteen shillings." This item would seem to indicate that Daniel Maltbie had seen service in the Indian Wars. There was no sword listed in the inventory of his father so I do not think it was inherited.

The "parcel of household stuff prepared for Abigail, 41-14-2" suggests that it was about this time she expected to be married. She would be eighteen in 1731. Deacon Charles Foote in his MS. Maltby Genealogy, states: "Abigail mar. (1) John Hall of Cheshire and mar. (2) Ephraim Parish of Cheshire, July 19, 1744."

Mr. Donald Lines Jacobus writes that this John Hall could not be John Hall, descendant of John Hall of Wallingford.

     Children of Daniel & Esther (Moss) Maltby 
III.22.  Mary Maltby, b. Dec. 7, 1703.  (Branford Rec.) 
III.23.  William  "   b. Feb. 17, 1705.      "     " 
III.24.  Daniel   "   b. June 16, 1708, died young. 
III.25.  Esther   "   b. Nov. 1709. 
III.26.  Joseph   "   b. May 31, 1712. 
III.27.  Abigail  "   b. Mar. 6, 1713. 
III.28.  Daniel   "   b. Oct. 30, 1715. 
III.29.  Benjamin "   b. June 20, 1717. 
III.30.  Martha   "   b. Sept. 10, 1720. 
III.31.  John     "   b. April 29, 1722, "at night." 

The names of Daniel's children have been studied with the hope of establishing if he were son by a first wife of William Maltby or by Hannah Hosmer.

1st child Mary. This was the name of Daniel's grandmother, Mary (Williamson) Maltby. She may have gone to New England with her sons and married again. 2nd child William, named for Daniels's father; 3rd child Daniel, named for himself; 4th child Esther, named for his wife; 5th child Joseph, I do not know for whom named. 6th child Abigail, evidently for his step-mother; 7th child--Daniel again; 8th child Benjamin, I do not know for whom; 9th child Martha, named for Esther's mother, Martha Lothrop; 10th child John, may have been named for Daniel's uncle, John Maltby. Four daughters and none of them named Hannah. Consequently, it seems to me Daniel was not a son of William's wife, Hannah (Hosmer) Willard.

II.8. Captain Samuel Maltby, b. Aug. 7, 1693, at Branford (Wm. 1). He is called "Captain" and "Squire."

Mrs. Cushman could not discover why he was called "Captain." However, "Colonial Rec. 1706, 1716," p. 545, has the following: "General