Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

English research work. Discovered the origin of the Maltby family in England A.D. 1069. Collected thousands of English records in practically most of the counties and shires. Indexed Moulton's (English) large catalogue of old deeds, 340 large pages and 96 pages of index. Assisted Prof. A. E. Verrill with his pedigrees of Verrill-Smith. Did some pre- fessional research for Paul Brown of Chicago. Much of my early life spent in travel--from Prince Edward Island to California--from Virginia to British Columbia. Two years abroad in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and England. Married Nov. 6, 1906, Clarence Sidney Verrill at Los Angeles, California, son of Prof. Addison Emery Verrill of Yale University and his wife Flora L. Smith. Lived at Barstow, on the Mojave Desert; Soulsbyville, Tuolumne Co., California; Boise, Idaho; Vancouver, B.C., and (1914) North Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

IX.4470. Rae Maltby Verrill, b. Sept. 2, 1907, Soulsbyville, Calif.

Mr. Verrill was Yale Scientific School Mining Engineer; 1906, he was with the Bagdad-Chase Gold Mining Company, previously with John Hayes Hammond at Cripple Creek, Colorado. At Vancouver, with Wayne Darlington (Yale) they opened offices as Consulting Engineers. In 1918, while on a mining examination at Atlin, B.C., returning late in the season on the "S.S. Princess Sophia" in a heavy snow storm they struck on Vanderbilt Reef--every soul of some 376 passengers perished.

Mr. Verrill was a member of The Shaughnesey Golf Club, Burnaby Golf Club, Chamber of Mines. Paternally he descended from the families of Aleson, Allen, Areson, Babb, Bachilor, Barber, Bennett, Browne, Bragg, Bray, Collins, Conant, Cockrill, Cordwell, Davis, Dearborn, Dodge, Durin, Elwell, Endicott, Fernald, Flint, Fuller, Garland, Gibbons, Godfrey, Goodale, Greenoway, Haskell, Harding, Hilborn, Herrick, Hooton, Horton, Humphrey, Jackson, Knapp, Laskin, Leach, Marrian, May, Mercer, Millet, Moses, Newman, Nichols, Patch, Philbrick, Pratley, Rand, Riggs, Salis- bury, Sherburne, Shreve, Smart, Smith, Stevens, Southwick, Taylor, Tybbot, Waterhouse, West, Wheeler, Whitrents, Wilkes, Wilson, Woodbury.

Maternally Mr. Verrill descended from the families of Acie, Alcock, Allen, Antrobus, Arnold, Ball, Bartlett, Barton, Barney, Bidfield, Blessing, Bragg, Bridges, Bullard, Dana, Eveletts, Fiske, Foote, Fry, George, Giddings, Goble, Goldstone, Goodridch, Gordon, Grover, Guild, Hackett, Hardy, Harriman, Harrington, Haskell, Holdred, Lawrence, Liver- more, Lysson, Merriam, Mousall, Pool, Poore, Sabin, Salway, Sawyer, Shumway, Smith, (Robert) Smith James, Stone, Suan, Toune, Twichell, Waite, Whitridge, Winder, Wood, Woodbury, Woodman, Wright.

VIII.3429. Charles Foote, Jr., b. June 11, 1846 (Chas.Foote 7, Selina 6, John 5, Sam.4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. Apr. 24, 1872, Estella Evelyn Allen, b. June 6, 1847, dau. of Marcus Leavitt Camp and Susan (Atkins) Allen. She d. Feb. 6, 1883.

IX.4471. Frank Charles Foote, b. May 21, 1875.
IX.4472. George Leavitt  "    b. May 3, 1881.

VIII.3431. Dwight Maltby Foote, b. Mar. 8, 1852 (Chas.Foote 7, Selina 6, John 5, Sam.4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. Apr. 24, 1877, Ines Julia Williams, b. May 12, 1851, dau. of Dwight and Sarah Ann (Lanphier) Williams, of Wallingford, Conn., and Branford, Conn. "Admitted to the