Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

After the death of their eldest son, at Geneva, they returned to the States. He died some years ago, and I believe Helen died about 1953, but her daughter will not reply to letters.

	Children of Helen Davenport Benedict:
IX.4467. Henry Barnes, b. May 22, 1909; d. Geneva, Switzerland.
IX.4468. Helen Post "  b. Nov. 7, 1910.
IX.4469. Bayard Barnes, Jr., b. Feb. 2, 1908, mar. and 1953 living at
     (Letters returned, 1954)                  Key West, Florida.
   Helen Post Barnes mar. Richard R. Borgartz. Res. (1953) 39 Sunset,
     Drive Manhasset, Long Island, N.Y.

VIII.3427. Maude Townshend Maltby, b. Sept. 9, 1873 (Geo.E.7, Geo.W.6, Augustus 5, Stephen 4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). A lovely golden haired, blue-eyed child--a beautiful self-sacrificing character throughout life; devoted to her family and their "tower of strength."

Educated at Miss Orton and Nicholls School and then at Miss Mary Johnstone's Whitney Avenue School; studied piano with Miss Virginia John- stone, playing at several of her recitals. A good horsewoman, both in the saddle and on the box. At age of ten she was taking "fancy dancing" with Prof. Loomis. She gave the "Highland Fling" at the enormous Kir- miss held at the New Haven Armory and later at Waterbury, Conn.--both for Charities. Early learned French and German.

During one winter in Dresden, Germany, Miss Maltby played the lead- ing role in an amateur play given at the Caryest theatre there. She was an early member of the Mary Clapp Worcester Chapter, D.A.R., the Alliance Francaise of Yale, and of a small group--a Spanish club. In 1906, my sister and mother went with me to California. In 1908 to Boise, Idaho, and Aug. 1910 up to Vancouver, British Columbia. 1914 to North Van- couver, where mother and sister resided at 910 The Boulevard. She was a member of the North Vancouver Country Club, the Red Cross; president one year of the Victorian Order of Nurses--acting member of the Vancouver Little Theatre, and a member of the Vancouver branch of Canadian Authors.

From the time she was a young girl she had considerable success with both prose and poetry. One of her short stories appeared in "Smart Set" and her poems in various publication. Her death occurred Sept. 26, 1952, at North Vancouver--a long life of beautiful self-sacrificing work for others.

VIII.3428. Dorothy Lord Maltby, b. May 16, 1877 (Geo.E.7, Geo.W.6, Augustus 5, Stephen 4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Res. 17 Rowe St., New Haven, removed to 10 Howe Street--the C. S. Maltby residence, for a few years, 556 Chapel, opposite the New Green, to 190 Oak Place, which we sold in 1895.

Schools, Miss Cady's kindergarten; Miss Orton and Nicholls, Miss Mary Johnstone's. Piano with Virginia Johnstone, vocal with Miss Lizzie Gaffney. Club Ansantaevae, West Haven. Societies: D.A.R., Mary Clapp Wooster Chapter; Holland Dames, Huguenot Society of New York--invited to be an original member of the "Dorothy Lord", Colonial Dames Chapter, D.A.R.

Commenced genealogical research at age of 14, assisting my mother with "Maltby-Morehouse Pedigrees." Compiled "Maltby-Maltbie History," 1916; compiled this MS.; also various reports. Sec. and Treas. of Maltby Family Association, its originator and organizer. Had charge of the