"Inqusition taken at West Rason, 30 June 1502, on John Hevengham. (died 10 May 1499); lived near Brigg John Maltby, a Juror".

Whereas there is no proof, the locality and dates suggest a possibility that he was father of William Maltby of Ingham, Will 1547, who makes his son John, Exer. of his Will. If so, we are well back with our pedigree.

It is from the son, Richard Maltby, exer. of the will of his father John Maltby of Kexby, that our emigrant ancestor, William Maltby descends. His will"--"Richard Maultbye, the elder, of Kexbie. Dated 10 Dec. 1602. Mentions son Christopher, son John, both my cottages in Springthorpe, paying to Christopher my son 10 (pounds.) Son Christopher five acres in Bardicks Class. Son Richard to be Exer. Daughters Ellen Quipp and Margaret Wilkinson. My Lord Willoughby, two golden angels (pieces of money) To Richard Towne, Junior, To Elizabeth Smith, Mary Greathead. Witnesses: John Quipp, Richard Wilkinson, John Maultbie. Proved in Arch Stow, ult. Dec. 1602. 256."

It is from Richard's son John Maltby, the emigrant brothers descend. He was baptized "29 August 1563, at Upton. His Will is dated 20 May 1610. viz.--"John Maltby of Springthorpe, Co. Lincoln, yeoman.

   Eldest son Richard, messuage I dwell in as I had it from my late 
   father, Richard Maltbie, of Kexbie, but my wife Margaret, shall 
   occupy for ten years. 
   Son John, two cottage houses in Springthorpe, now in tenure of 
   Thomas Ellis and Richard Tythwell and one oxgang of land purchased 
   of Richard Parker of Springthorpe. 
   Son William, one cottage in Springthorpe in tenure of Henry Parish 
   and oxgang purchased of Richard Parks. 
   Eldest son, Richard, land called Fisher's Garth. 
   Son Robert, 40 (pounds) when 21. 
   Son John, 15 (pounds) under 21. 
   Son William 15 (pounds) under 21. 
   Daughter Margaret, if she please my wife and her uncles, Richard 
   Maltbie of Kexbie, and Richard Bishop of Upton, in choice of her 
   husband 60 (pounds). 
   Daughter Ellen 40 (pounds) when 21. 
   Daughter Marie, 40 (pounds) when 21. 
   Resides to Margaret, my wife, and to be Exex. 
Witnesses: John Quipp, John Farmery, Richard Kesson, Richard Wilkinson, Richard Bishop, Richard Maltby. Bond of the Exex. with Robert Bishop of Starrton, Co. Notts, yeoman, and Richard Bishop of Upton. Proved in Arch Stow, felie 55, 5 June 1610 by the Exex."

(In 1599, John Maultbie signs Transcripts as Church Warden, at Springthorpe as "John Maltbye". His death is recorded at Springthorpe: "27 May 1610, John Maltby, yeoman; buried on Whit Sunday.")

Since this is the Will of the grandfather of the three emigrant brothers, John, William and Robert Maltby, it seems advisable to give full particulars of this family in order that descendants may satisfy themselves that there is no error in the claim that we have a proved line of descent from John Maltby of Kexby, Will 1557.

     "Eldest son Richard" was baptized Springthorpe, 24 Feb. 1592/3. 
     "Son John, under 21" was baptized Springthorpe, 6 Feb. 1601. 
     "Son William, under 21" was baptized Springthorpe, 8 Nov. 1606. 
     "Son Robert, under 21" was baptized Springthorpe, 1 April 1609.