Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

VIII.2785. Wells Ray Maltby, b. July 26, 1867/8 (Delevan 7, Hiram 6, Isaac 5, Wm.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. 1889, Lulu Malone, b. 1871/2; mar. at Kalamazoo, Michigan.

IX.4114. Dale Ray Maltby, b. Jan. 2, 1892, Alamo, Mich. (Chief Engineer,
                            Dodd Chemical, Midland, Mich.)
IX.4115. Hazel Bernice "  b. Oct. 20, 1894 (Physical Training teacher)
IX.4116. Miles C.      "  b. July 29, 1897 (Stayed on farm)
                          d. Sept. 3, 1953.
IX.4117. Van Carleton  "  b. Nov. 23, 1902; d. July 5, 1943.
                             (Kalamazoo High School)

VIII.2788. Charles F. Maltby, b. ---- (John W.7, Hiram 6, Adin 5, Noah 4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). In 1931 he resided somewhere in New York State, when his mother died at his home. They will not reply to letters. She left six grandchildren. Believed to be:

IX.4118. Charles Maltby
IX.4119. Mertice    "
IX.4120. Virginia   "
              Mrs. Mary Green of Auburn, N.Y.
              John Tennant of Syracuse, N.Y.
              Henry   "     "     "      "

VIII.2789. Evidently this "daughter Maltby" of John W. Maltby and Catherine Depew, married and was mother of "Mrs. Mary Green of Auburn, N.Y." Called grandchild of Catherine Depew Maltby.

VIII.2790. Another daughter of John W. Maltby and Catherine Depew must have mar. a ---- Tennant who called John and Henry Tennant of Syracuse, N.Y., "grand sons."

VIII.2792. Albert Lyman Lockwood Maltbie, b. Aug. 9, 1866 (James D.7, Noah 6, Noah 5, Noah 4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Oct. 23, 1887, Mary Elizabeth Dow, at Lavene, Lincoln Co., Washington; she b. July 24, 1868, Healdsburg, Sonora Co., Cal. He was a member of M.A. Was a Mason. Res. Waterville, Wash., Wenatchee, Wash., Seattle, Wash. 1910. He d. Aug. 13, 1927 at Seattle, following an operation for appendicitis on Aug. 12. Was bur. Aug. 16, 1927 at Wenatchee, "The Masons (Blue Lodge and Commandery) and Elk will bury him." His dau. Achsah wrote: "He was both a father and a brother to us girls, always so jolly and younger than his years."

IX.4121. Achsah Adelia Maltbie, b. Oct. 9, 1888, Lavene, Wash.
IX.4122. Theodosia Alice  "     b. Sept. 12, 1890, Waterville, Wash.

It was our great happiness to have with us for a few days in North Vancouver, Mr. Maltbie's widow, who, with her daughter Acsah, had been long-time friends through letters. Later by some years, about 1950, one evening we had a hurried call from Acsah Rawlings and her husband.