Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Oxford, grad. Queen's College, 1605, and mar. Hannah Howse of Eastwell, Co. Kent. Rev. John was son of Thomas Lothrop or Lowthropp, of Cherry Burton, Yorks, and wife Mary; he son of Robert Lowttrop and wife Ellen, and he son of John Lowthrope living in early 16th century at Cherry Burton, a parish four miles from Lowthrop, where in 1548 his name appears on the Yorkshire Subsidy roll.

(Branford Rec., Vol. I, p. 224)

"June 14, 1703. Daniel Maltbie entered his ear mark, which is a crop on the top of both ears, and a hollow crop on the near ear." (Vol. II, p. 249)

"April 12, 1705. At a meeting of the Proprietors in Branford com- mencing March 25, and closing April 12, 1705, Daniel Maltbie desired them to give him about 2 acres of sedgy land, which was granted."

In 1710, William Maltby left "to my son Daniel, all that house and land where he now lives."

(New Haven Probate Rec., Vol. III, p. 235)

"October, 1710. Daniel Maltby was appointed guardian to Jonathon Maltbie, minor, son of Wm. Maltbie of Branford, deceased."

This half-brother of Daniel was then but twelve years of age. He evidently remained Daniel's ward but a short time, for, (p. 66 New Haven Rec.) we find: "Jonathon Maultbie, Minor, child of Mr. William Maultbie, late of Branford, did appear and made choice of Mr. Edward Barker of Branford to be his guardian."

Jonathon's elder brother (by the same mother) Samuel, married Elizabeth Barker in 1715. Edward Barker was her brother.

(Branford Rec., Vol. I, p. 342)

"Oct. 15, 1711. In staking out lots on Mulliner's Neck, 'D.M.' was to stand for Daniel Maltbie." (Vol. III, p. 81) "Deed to Daniel Maltbie from Allen Ball."

This is interesting as the first Alling Ball was one of the first settlers of New haven. He is thought to be a brother of William Ball of New Haven, considered as possibly father of Col. John Ball, whose dau. Mary Ball was mother of George Washington. The "Tuttle Gen., p. 628," states: "This would verify the tradition, or statement, that John Ball who mar. Mary Tuttle was 2nd cousin of Washington's mother."

In a list of "Freemen of Branford, 1714 to 1730," the name of Dan- iel Maltby is 18th on the list.

(p. 151) "1712-13. Land layed out to the Estate of Wm. Maltbie for Daniel Maltbie, Jan. 23, 1712-13." (p. 219) "Deed from *Edwin Barker to Daniel Maltby in consideration of # 22, 10s." (*This should be Edward Barker).

(p. 221) "1714. Deed to Daniel Maltbie from Caleb Parmerly, March 26, 1714." (Note. The Parmelees were of Guilford, and were from Kent Co., England).

(p. 403) "April 27, 1714. Deed to Daniel Maltby by Noah Rogers." (p. 514) "May 2, 1717. Land layed out to the Estate of Wm. Maltbie, Esqre., on the pitch of Daniel Maltbie."

(Vol. IV, p. 86) "Aug. 4, 1718. Deed of John Howd* to Daniel Maltbie of 3 acres of salt meadow and for another piece of salt meadow."