Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

In the meantime, Rose had married George Blakeslee, had a dau., Ada Blakeslee, and was divorced from her husband before she returned to Kansas. They were living on the homestead at the time of Alba's death and she and her dau., Ada, continued to live there for some years after- wards. Wm. Wallace Molby is buried in Maplewood cem., Barnes, Ks. (Alba Molby is also buried in Maplewood cem., Barnes, Ks.)

VII.2175. George W. Molby, b. May 3, 1850 (John 6, Chester 5, Jona- than 4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1).

1850. Van Buren, N.Y. Census.

  George W. Molby, 6/12, b. N.Y.

1855. Van Buren Census, 2nd Election District

  George W. Molby, aged 5, b. Onondaga.

1865. Van Buren Census.

  George W. Molby, aged 15, b. Onondaga.

He d. Sept. 3, 1870. Tombstone in Maplewood cemetery, Barnes, Kansas.

VII.2176. Frank(lin) H.* Molby, b. May 7, 1854 (John 6, Chester 5, Jona- than 4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. March 26, 1873, Ida Z(euviah) In- goldsby, dau. of Warren Ingoldsby and Mary Lamfare. She b. Sept. 11, 1855 and d. May 12, 1930. He d. Greenleaf, Ks., Dec. 20, 1926. 1855 Van Buren, N.Y. Census

Frank K. Molby, aged 1, b. Onondaga. (K error for H.) 1865. Van Buren, N.Y. Census.

Franklin Molby, 11, b. Onondaga. (Note. Ida was a grand daughter of Eber Ingoldsby and Zeuviah -----

   (b. 1796; d. 1859) ae. 63-2-14.  Eber Ingoldsby was b. 1787, son of
   John Ingoldsby, b. May 15, 1753.  He was a Rev. War soldier.  He was
   a Lexington man, also served in Capt. Wheeler's Co., Col. Nixon's
   Regt., Mass  Line, but was discharged under Capt. Thomas Barnes.
   Mr. Louis J. Sears, Baldwinsville, N.Y., said John Ingoldsby went
   to the battle of Lexington with a sawed off gun.)

VIII.3642.  Clara Zeuviah Molby, b. June 1, 1874, Onondaga co., N.Y.
                                 d. Mar. 29, 1943, Waterville, Ks.
VIII.3643.  Ruel Clinton    "    b. June 21, 1877; d. Nov. 14, 1954.
VIII.3644.  Aine May        "    b. Sept. 27, 1882; d. Apr. 14, 1884,
                                    near Baldwinsville, N.Y.
VIII.3645.  Irvin W.        "    b. Jan. 17, 1886, near Greenleaf, Ks.
                                 d. Apr. 1, 1945,           "       "
VIII.3646.  Helen Laura     "    b. Sept. 16, 1890.
VIII.3647.  Lois I.         "    b. Feb. 9, 1893, near Greenleaf, Ks.
                                 d. Nov. 26, 1954
VIII.3648.  Eber John       "    b. Mar. 23, 1897, near Greenleaf, Ks.

The obituary of Frank H. Molby published in his home town paper stated that he and his family came to Greenleaf, Ks., on May 10, 1884. They remained in the city about two months and then purchased a farm about five miles southeast from Greenleaf, on which farm they lived for forty-two years.

"Mr. Molby was one of the most honorable, upright men we have ever known and the world is better for his having lived. He became a member of the Christian church in the spring of 1885 and lived a con- sistent, religious life....." (Quoted from his obituary). * Harrison