Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

The following is an abbreviation from the Portrait and Biographical Album of Washington, Clay and Riley counties, Kansas. Being Clinton DeWitt's report, it throws light upon his family traditions, as he knew them. Ancestry of Scotch origin, being traced to a certain Lord Maltby (original spelling of the name). His father was John Molby, his grandfather was Chester Molby. John was a farmer and passed his entire life in Onondaga co., N.Y. Clinton D. Molby removed to Lee co., Ill., in 1866, lived there until the spring of 1870, then removed to Wash- ington co., Ks., where he took a homestead on section 5 of Barnes twp. He was a stalwart Republican. He and his family were regular atten- dants of church and Sunday school and liberal contributors to church and charitable organizations. "He stands high in the esteem of his fellow men, and his estimable wife shares in their respect." Note. the family were adherants of the Methodist church.

   (The above abstract was made by Mr. Fred A Molby)

The following was told by Clinton D. Molby of Barnes, Kansas. (Feudal) Lord Maltby came from Scotland about 1770. He came to es- cape punishment for his participation against the King. The seal of his coat-of-arms was a cow, for he had been a herdsman and had cattle."

(Note. Tradition may go back centuries beyond what one would sup- pose. Definitely the Maltby blood is English back to 1069 A.D.)

"This immigrant ancestor sent back for his wife and four sons to join him. One of these sons went to sea and was never heard from." (Apparently this was John, brother of William (1) who was lost at sea.)

"One of the sons went to the Southern States." (Evidently the youngest brother of William (1) and John (1), Robert, who is supposed to be Robert Maltby of Charlestown, South Carolina).

"Another went to New York State and this was our ancestor." (This is where I believe the tradition of 1670 becomes mixed up with 1800, and his ancestor Jonathan, who went to Hebron and Salem, N.Y.)

Clinton D. Molby died at his home near Barnes, Ks., April 18, 1906. Obituaries appeared in local papers and in the Baldwinsville Gazette, issue of Apr. 26, 1906.

VII.2174. William Wallace Molby, b. Nov. 6, 1845 (John 6, Chester 5, Jonathan 4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1), also known as (Wallace W.) He was b. near Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1850, Van Buren, N.Y., Census. "Wm. W. Molby, aged 4"
1855, Van Buren, N.Y. Census.  "Wm. W. Molby, aged 9, b. Onondaga.
1865, Van Buren, N.Y. Census. "Wallace Molby, Farmer, 19, b. " Single.
He mar. Rose Crandal. He d. Apr. 11, 1877, ae. 31 yr., 5 mo., 5 d.
VIII.3641. Alba B. Molby, b. June 3, 1875; d. May 31/June 1, 1892.
   (Guardian Records in Syracuse Surrogate's Office)

Alba B. Molby becomes of age June 3, 1896. Rose Molby guardian. Rose Molby of town of Van Buren, the mother of the minor child of Wallace Molby, late of the county of Washington, Kan. Minor was 5 years of age the 3rd day of June last. (1880)

(1880 Van Buren Census, N.Y. First Election District.

   Clarissa Molby, white female, 61.
   Irvin J.   "      "   male    22.
   Rose       "      "   female  23.
   Alba B.    "      "   male     4.
	(Rose & Alba returned to Washington co. homestead in 1891).