Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Johnson, she b. Oct. 7,1856; d. Nov. 12,1939. No children. They adopt- ed a boy named James, now living near Saratoga, N.Y. Atchison Maltby d. Dec. 25, 1928. Both bur. Weedsport Rural Cemetery. "Died-Maltby.

Dec. 25, 1928. Atchinson Maltby, in town of Brutus. He was born June 2, 1849 in the town of Van Buren, farmer, son of Minor Maltby and Aveline Vosburg. Buried in Weedsport Rural Cemetery." Died-Maltby.

Nov. 12, 1939. Nettie Maltby, in town of Brutus. She was born Oct. 7, 1856, in Marcellus, dau. of Franklin Johnson and mother's name un- known. Burial Weedsport Rural cemetery. (Information by James Maltby, their adopted son).

VII.2154. Eleanor M. Maltby, b. June 22, 1851 (Miner 6, Jacob 5, Jona- than 4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. ca. 1873, Charles W. Nesbitt, b. 1854--d. 1934. She d. Feb. 23, 1928.

VIII.3606.  Allen Miner Nesbitt, b. Mar.19,1874, Brutus, Cayuga Co.,N.Y.
              m. Mar. 13, 1895, Edith May Everts, 1873-1950.
VIII.3607.  James Henry Nesbitt, b. July 17, 1876, Brutus, Cayuga Co.,
              N.Y.; m. 1st, Bertha Grant; m. 2nd, Mrs. Mary Marvin
              Bailey.  He d. Apr. 10, 1951.

Mrs. Charles Nesbitt, dau. of Miner Maltby, told Mr. Fred A Molby that Jonathan (4) Maltby, was married but once. Did she know?

This question arises because one member of the family wrote Mr. Fred A Molby that Jonathan Maltby mar. a Culver and went to Lenox, Mass. (Statement by Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby, his 2nd cousin). Other mem- bers of the family say that Jonathan married Polly Foote.

Tombstone Ins. Maple Grove Cem., Jordan, N.Y.

   "Eleanor M. Nesbitt, 1851-1928
    Charles W. Nesbitt, 1854-1934.
   *Allen M. Nesbitt, 1874-19
    Edith M. Nesbitt, 1873-1950.

Charles and Eleanor Nesbitt worked the farm on the Dill estate in the town of Brutus, Cayuga Co., N.Y., for 28 years. The farm was between Jordan and Weedsport, but nearer Weedsport. Mr. Dill died, leaving his estate to his two daughters and the Nesbitts worked the farm for them.

   (Vital Rec. Town of Elbridge, Onondaga Co., N.Y.)

"Eleanor M. Nesbitt, here 20 years. Mar. to Charles W. Nesbitt, b. June 22, 1851 in Baldwinsville, N.Y.; d. Feb. 23, 1928, ae. 76-8-1, housewife, dau. of Miner Maltby, b. Baldwinsville, N.Y. and Aveline Vosburg, b. N.Y."

"Edith May Nesbitt, here 77 yrs., mar. Allen M. Nesbitt, b. Feb. 23, *1873, in Jordan, N.Y.; d. May 28, 1950, ae. 77-3-5, housewife, dau. of Orville Everts and Sarah Daniels, birthplace not given. Appar- ently mother of Charles W. Nesbitt. *(1874 in one record, 1873 in the other record).