Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

	Children of Albert Harmon Maltby and Helen Doane:
VIII.3519.  Bernice Doane Maltby, b. June 20, 1853.
VIII.3520.  Lettice          "    b. ----; d. 1860 in early childhood.
VIII.3521.  Flora Merril     "    b. Nov. 20,1865; d. Jan.1,1888, unmar.
             ("She was a lovely girl and the man she was to have
               married lived single for more then twenty years after
               her death.")
               Albert Maltby
               Passes Away.
               Pulaski Octogenarian Expires
               After a Long Illness.

Pulaski, Aug. 2. After an illness of several months Albert Harmon Maltby passed away last evening at his home in Lake street, aged about 80 years. He was b. September 14, 1827, and had always made his home in this village. He was at one time engaged as a contractor and build- er. He is survived by his widow. The funeral will be held from the family home at 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.

VII.2090. Col. Ralph Robinson Maltby, b. Apr. 19, 1830 (Tim.6, Tim.5, Sam.4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. May 27, 1855, Mary Letitia Goggin, at Washington, Kentucky. She d. June 13, 1893.

Col. Maltby was in the Union Army which he entered in Oct. 1861, at Washington, Mason Co., Ky. He enlisted for "three years or for the war," under Col. Charles A. Marshall. He had the rank of Adju- tant but virtually he performed the duties of Colonel himself. After a year of service he raised a regiment of Cavalry--the 10th Volunteer Regt. of Kentucky Cavalry. He advertised for volunteers the 20th of August, 1862, and 800 men responded the very next day.

He was a member of the Maltby Association. He was an "Officer and a gentleman" throughout his life. No words seem adequate to draw a picture of this kindly, genial, noble gentleman. He d. Jan. 16, 1920, at his home near Washington, Kentucky.

VIII.3522.  Lucien Goggin Maltby, b. Aug. 18, 1857.
            "Colonel of Old Tenth Kentucky
               Died This Morning."
	"Col. R.R.Maltby, Organizer of the Famous Old 10th Kentucky in
	 Civil War, Dies at early Hour This Morning--Funeral Sunday."

"Colonel R.R.Maltby, one of the last of the Commanding Officers of the Union Army, died at his beautiful country home near Washington this morning at 5 o'clock, in his 90th year after a serious illness of only a short time.

The death of this great character will shed a deep gloom over hundreds of homes throughout North Eastern Kentucky and Southern Ohio, for scattered throughout this territory there are hundreds of homes where the name of Colonel Maltby was revered because fathers and grand- fathers in those homes had served in his command during the war between the States. He was President of the 10th Kentucky Cavalry and Sixteenth Kentucky Infantry Association which held its annual re-unions at Beech wood Park this city and at those annual gatherings the love of the few