Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

	(The following children died young.)
VIII.3461.  Russell Towksbury Pond, b. Feb. 1, 1864; d. Oct. 13, 1865.
VIII.3462. (Jennie Pond, b. Mar. 5, 1871; d. May 23, 1871.
VIII.3463. (Annie    "   b.  "   "    "   d. Aug. 2, 1871.

VII.2078. Mary (May) Sophia Pond, b. July 19, 1834 (Julia Ann 6, John 5, Sam.4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. Sept. 20, 1859, George Blodget, b. Apr. 6, 1831; d. Mar. 3, 1912; son of Bliss and Mary (Thurston) Blodget of Bucksport, Me. His widow resided at Bucksport, Me.

VIII.3464.  Benjamin Pond Blodget, b. Aug. 7, 1860.
VIII.3465.  George Reddington "    b. Sept. 17, 1862; died at the hand
                                      of a burgler, Dec. 4, 1897.
VIII.3466.  Julia Ann Blodget, b. Feb. 8, 1864; d. Feb. 15, 1876.
VIII.3467.  Frederic Suasey Blodget, b. May 26, 1876; unmarried.
VIII.3468.  Sara Elizabeth     "     b. Feb. 28, 1879; d. Mar. 5, 1908.

VII.2079. Rev. Benjamin Wisner Pond, b. Mar. 26, 1836 (Julia Ann 6, John 5, Sam.4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. Mary Austin, dau. of Prof. Samuel Newman and Caroline Kane Newman. She b. July 25, 1834. Res. Washington, D.C.

VIII.3469.  Caroline Boody Pond, b. Mar. 17, 1864.
VIII.3470.  Samuel Newman    "   b. July 27, 1866.
VIII.3471.  Julia Maltby     "   b. Jan. 7, 1868.
VIII.3472.  Mary Elizabeth   "   b. Nov. 18, 1872.

VII.2080. Marquis DeSalvo Maltby, b. Dec. 22, 1814 (Anson 6, Tim.5, Sam.4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. Jan. 3, 1839, Martha Jane Nichols, b. Mar. 27, 1818; d. Mar. 17, 1874; dau. of Robert and Martha Nichols. Res. in New Orleans. He d. at Pulaski, N.Y., June 1, 1841.

VIII.3473.  Frances Jane Maltby, b. Dec. 4, 1839.
VIII.3474.  Marcia DeSalvo  "    b. Mar. 22, 1841.

VII.2081. Marquis DeLafayette Maltby, b. Aug. 11, 1819, Ulster Co., N.Y. (Anson 6, Tim.5, Sam.4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. June 25, 1840, Frances Jane Marshall, dau. of Martin Pickett and Elizabeth Colston Marshall, of Kentucky. She was b. July 22, 1820, Washington, Ken- tucky (Mason County), and d. Aug. 22, 1883. She was a great niece of Chief Justice John Marshall of Virginia. Added is: "She used to know Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby of New Haven, Conn."

Anson (8) Maltby wrote: "My father dropped the quaint military title which was often given in those days to unfortunate infants! My father was admitted to the bar in Utica, N.Y. long before he was 21, I think. He went south to Kentucky and became the tutor in the family of Martin Pickett Marshall, who had married his own cousin, Elizabeth Colston Marshall. Their fathers were brothers of Chief Justice John Marshall of the U.S. Supreme Court. Father married the eldest daughter of these cousins and became a merchant, buying from the large planters"