Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Mr. Francis Parker of Hartford, Conn., very kindly furnished the following records:---

"David Parker, son of William and Margery --- Parker, was born in Saybrook the latter end of February, 1657-8. In May, 1682, the General Assembly exempted him from the payment of poll taxes because he was "disabled from attending to his business by a wound in the head." No other reference to this injury is found. Presumabley it was permanent in character and debarred him from severe physical exertion.

The town of Saybrook granted him five acres of land in 1679, perhaps for services in the Indian wars, but the reason of the grant is not stated.

He held the office of lister, in 1695 and 1706 and was constable in 1698. He also held many minor town offices.

David Parker died in Jan. 1723. His will, dated Jan. 11, 1723 was acknowledged before a magistrate, Jan. 15, 1723 and probated at Guilford, Jan. 29, 1723. He calls himself, "yeoman." He gave legacies to his brothers, William and Joseph Parker; to nephews Joseph and Jonathon Parker; to his grand-nephews, Abner, John and Nathaniel Parker, but bequeathed the bulk of his estate to his grand-niece, Deborah Parker, who subsequently married Isaac Jones. He gave a piece of land, a part of his homestead, to Saybrook Church, on condition that a meeting house be built upon it, also another piece of land for the support of "our orthodox dissenting ministery in Saybrook." (The Church declined to build a meeting house on the first lot and it reverted to Deborah Parker).

His estate inventoried # 487-5-4.  Some items in his inventory were:---
"one gold ring                  18s.
one silver spoon               10s.
three silver buckles            3s.
two pairs of silver clasps      5s.
pewter table ware             3-4s.-4d.
also: two volums of sermons,
three bibles
one palsm book
two old books
two paper books and several articles of brass and tin ware."

Note. William Parker, father of David, was an original proprietor of Hartford, 1636. Removed to Saybrook, 1645 (Saybrook Records, Vol. I, p. 24). "William Parker mar. Margery Allen, dau of William Allen of London, Eng., and later mar. Elizabeth Pratt, widow of Lieut. Wm. Pratt and daughter of John Clarke, 1st. William Parker was a doctor. He d. Dec. 21, 1686. He was son of John Parker of Dantry, Northamptonshire, Eng. and his mother was a dau. of William Cross.

Margery Parker received a legacy of ten pounds, by the will of William Whiting of Hartford. She d. Dec. 6, 1680. William Parker's will was dated July 7, 1683, proved Feb. 22, 1687 at New London County Court.

II.3. John Maltby, born 1670. (William 1). The date of birth I give as 1670 as Mr. Ralph Smith wrote: "John Maltby died August, 1727, at the age of 57". Where he was born is not known. It was not recorded at Bawtry, Yorks., where his sister Jane, was born in 1669.

Concerning John Maltby, Mr. Ralph D. Smith wrote: "He was a Cooper, but belonged to the better class in Society. He lived in Saybrook all his life."