Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Children of Lillian Linsley & Rev. Alfred C. McConnell:
VIII.3316.  Grace Mary McConnell, b. Sept. 12, 1901.
VIII.3317.  Alfred Linsley  "     b. July 3, 1903.
VIII.3318.  John Robert     "     b. Apr. 4, 1905.
VIII.3319.  Lillian Hope    "     b. Nov. 4, 1906; m. John H. Fraser.
VIII.3320.  Edith Rae       "     b. Oct. 18, 1909.
VIII.3321. *Katherine Seeley "    b. Dec. 16,1911;
                                  d. July 19,1936, unmar.
VIII.3322.  Carolyn Beach    "    b. July 14, 1913.
*(She was to have been married in six weeks.)

Lillian McConnell was a life-long friend through letters. Her last was, I think, in 1951. They were filled with appreciation of nature, observation and amusing comments. In about the last letter she wrote she was explafying the difference between the North and the South. She wrote: "In boarding a train up north the man at the steps says:--"Step lively, step lively," and fairly pushes you up. Down South the man says: "Take yer time, take yer time."

VII.1960. Edyth Linsley, b. Mar. 23, 1873 (John S. Linsley 6, James 5, Sarah 4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). She was an artist. In 1917 she lived with her parents at Baldwin Place, N.Y. Then the place was sold and she and her mother went to Plainville, where, after the death of her mother, in 1932, she remained alone. She was there in 1948. She never married.

VII.1963. Major Ray Keyes Linsley, b. Nov. 3, 1875 (Harvey Linsley 6, John S. Linsley 5, Sarah 4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). He was born in Central City, Colo. Ter., which at that date was a gold mine camp in Gilpin Co. The family moved to Canon City, 1876, Fremont Co., then back to a ranch in Wetmore, Custer Co., 1877, then to Canon City, Free- mont Co., 1884, next to Sagnache, Sagnache Co., 1885, from there to Los Annimas, Bent Co., 1887. In Sept. 1889 they moved to Connecticut and finally settled in New Hartford, moving from there to South Wind- sor, then to Zion's Hill in Suffield.

Ray started school at the age of 9 in Canon City, attended public schools in Saguache, Las Annimas and New Hartford. When the family moved to South Windsor he started, Jan. 1891 at Hartford High School. In the spring, 1892, attended the Conn. Lit. Inst., Suffield, for one term. Autumn of 1892, went to Vermont Academy at Saxton's River, Vt., graduating June 1894. While there he and Robert Gibbs ran a printing firm to help pay bills.

He put in a period of time at Morse Business Coll., Hartford, to learn bookkeeping and stenography. He then went into an insurance agency at $3.00 per week, from here to a thread mill as foreman. In 1896 he left Hartford for an office job with a hardware mfg. co. at Winsted. In 1897 to the office of a Brass Co., Waterbury, and Dec. 1897 to the office of a factory in Elmwood, a suburb of Hartford.

Here he joined the Hartford City Guard, Jan. 1898. On May 4, 1898, this regiment which was the first to answer McKinley's call for volunteers, as their predecessors had done, answering Lincoln's call in 1860, marched out of Hartford in the Spanish War. After 6 months in the field and getting no further than Camp Alger, Va., they were sent home and mustered out.