Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

In "Conn. Hist. Soc., Pub. Vol. III, p. 306," there is a sketch of Branford; in it is the following item:

"The principal gentlemen of this town were Mr. Topping, Esq. John Wilford, William Maltbie, Esq., Edward Barker, William Russell, Esq., and others."

"Rocky's Hist. of New Haven Colony," states:---

"Another settler of prominence was William Maltby, who for a long time was one of the justices of the quorum and usually called Judge Maltby. Samuel (2) Maltby graduated from Yale and also became prominent in affairs. Most of this family removed?

In "Dexter's 'Biog. and Annals of Yale College'," we find:---

William Maltby is referred to as "Capt. William Maltby." He may have had this rank, or may have been confused with his son William who was a sea captain.

Ralph D. Smith in a letter dated "Guilford, Conn., 1866," says of William and John Maltby:--

"They belonged to the rank of gentleman, and were both engaged in commercial pursuits. John confined his business principally to the sea, and William engaged both on the sea and the land."

Henry Rogers of New Haven, aged 84, wrote the compiler:

"William Maltby was a justice of the quorum (or judge of the county court) at the time of his death in 1710, and had been for some twelve years before.

He was a man of much influence in his day in Branford. . .He was without question of doubt one of the men that were looked upon as the men that were qualified to be leaders of the people in the government of the Colony. . .I noticed his stone at the Branford Cemetery--it looks well."


                       Second Generation

II.2. Jane Maltby, bp. Oct. 29, 1669, Bawtry, Yorks. Eng. (William 1)."In March, 1689, Jane Maltbie joined the Church at Branford." (New Haven Rec., p. 131). "David Parker and Jane Malby were married the 4th of Mrch, 1689-90." They evidently had no children. He is the "David Parker in right of his wife," 1710-11, in connection with the will of William Maltby.

(Branford Deed, Vol. III, p. 280) "17 Jan. 1710-11."

"David Parker of Saybrook in the County of New London and Colony of Connecticut, with the consent of Jane, my wife, to John Russell of Branford, our whole right, title and interest in the undivided lands in the township of Branford, being one-seventh part of ye said land which are our right in the estate of our Honrd. Father, Mr. William Maltbie, late of Branford, dec'd.

Wit.  Daniel Maltbie
           Samuel Maltbie."

Note. In England when a man states: "with consent of my wife", it shows that the property in question was owned by his wife.