Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Regarding the wives of William Maltby.

We know his first wife was Rachel--from the birth record of their daughter "Jaine," b. at Bawtry, Yorks, 29 Oct. 1669. The possibility that she was Rachel Williamson, a cousin through William's mother, Mary Williamson, has been shown in the English records in this book. The fact that William Maltby's daughter, Elizabeth, b. 1673, (mar. Abraham Hoadley), names her first child "Rachel," which does not appear to be a name in the Hoadley family, leaves one to conclude Elizabeth was a daugh- ter of Rachel.

The next child of William Maltby was Daniel, b. 1679--three years after Elizabeth. I am inclined to think, for reasons previously given, that he also was a son of Rachel, who I think, died soon after his birth and was buried in the Old Graveyard beside Centre Church in New Haven. There we have the record, just given, of "John Maltby and Daniel Maltby" in the litigation over William Maltby's will, which strengthens my belief that they were brothers by the same mother.

I do not think there were any children by Hannah Hosmer, second wife of William.

Hannah Hosmer was born "about 1639." She mar. (1) Josiah Willard of Wethersfield, Mar. 20, 1657, and they had eight children. He d. in July, 1674. Hannah was a daughter of Thomas Hosmer, b. Jan. 2, 1603, at Hawkhurst, Co. Kent, England. To Cambridge, Mass., 1632. His children were by his first wife, Frances--Thomas Hosmer was a son of Stephen Hosmer, of Hawkhurst, Kent, and his wife Dorothy Selden, dau. of William and Mary (Apes or Appes) Seldon. Another authority states: "Stephen Hosmer, b. 1570, bp. Dec. 26, 1570, Ticehurst, Sussex, mar. Jan. 25, 1601-2, Dorothy Seldon. Stephen was a son of James , d. 1605 and wife Agnes, who was bur. Sept. 9, 1614." (Hosmer Gen. of Ticehurst, Sussex, pub. 1928). Dorothy Seldon's ancestry has been traced back several generations by Col. Seldon of Oil City, Penn.

William Maltby's third wife was Abigail Bishop, who was mother of Samuel, b. 1693, and Jonathan, 1698. Abigail Bishop was born Oct. 30, 1659. She mar. (1) John Talmadge, Nov. 18, 1686. He died in 1690.

Abigail was a daughter of Deputy Governor James Bishop, who arrived in New Haven in 1647; Secretary of the Colony, 1651; Secretary General Court, 1663; Representative, 1665, in the first session after the union with Connecticut; Assistant, 1668; Deputy Governor, 1683 until his death June 24, 1691. He married Mary Lewen, whose mother Margaret Lewen, b. 1614, was a widow. Margaret m. (2) Capt. George Lamberton, of the "Phanton Ship," and (3) Deputy Governor, Stephen Goodyear. Note. An interesting English item follows: "William Lewyn of Otteringion, near Maidstone, Kent, had son, Sir Justinian and daus. Anne and Judith. Anne mar. Lawrence Washington and Judith mar. Sir John Isham. They had a son Justinian Isham, bpt. 1610-1611."

Children of William Maltby, Esqre.
II.2.  "Jaine," bp. Oct. 29, 1669, at Bawtry, Yorks, England.
II.3.  John     b. 1670 (See Tombstone) Rec. by Ralph D. Smith.
II.4.  Mary     b. May 1, 1672, New Haven, Conn. "died young."
II.5.  William  b. Jan. 9, 1673, New Haven, Conn.
II.6.  Elizabeth, b. Apr. 30, 1676, Branford, Conn.
II.7.  Daniel     b. May 19, 1679, Branford, Conn.
II.8.  Samuel     b. Aug. 7, 1693, Branford, Conn.  (By 3rd wife)
II.9.  Jonathan   b. July 26, 1698, Branford, Conn.  (By 3rd wife).