Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Children of Nellie Cornelia Maltby & Rev. Ernest V. Claypool:
VIII.3185.  Ethelbert Maltby Claypool, b. Jan. 9, 1892.
VIII.3186.  Gertrude Susan       "     b. June 17, 1893.
VIII.3187.  James Vernon         "     b. Dec. 1, 1899, Clinton, Iowa.

VII.1831. Frederick Rufus Maltby, b. Mar. 29, 1849 (Fred L.6, Zach.5, Zach.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. twice, but no children. Res. 149 Riverside Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. Superintendent L.S.V.M.S. Railroad. (Now New York C.). Killed by automobile at Buffalo. Widow Grace Maltby, res. Norwalk, Conn., 1931.

VII.1832. Sarah Elizabeth Maltby, b. Aug. 13, 1852 (Frederick L.6, Zach.5, Zach.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Thomas Piper. Res. Boli- var, Alleghany Co., N.Y.

VIII.3188.  Child died in infancy.
VIII.3189.  Harriet Piper, b. Jan. 9, 1874, m. Charles Kruger,
                           res. Buffalo, N.Y.
VIII.3190.  Mary Adelaide Piper, b. Mar. 1, 1876;
                                 unmar. Res. Bolivar, N.Y.
VIII.3191.  Emma Lucy       "    b. Oct. 29, 1878; unmar.
                                 Res. Bolivar, N.Y.
VIII.3192.  William Thomas  "    b. Jan. 8, 1881.
VIII.3193.  Arthur Lewis    "    b. Dec. 3, 1883.
VIII.3194.  Archie DeWitt   "    b. Dec. 3, 1886, unmarried.

VII.1834. Lewis Lathrop Maltby, b. Nov. 9, 1859, Evans, Erie Co., N.Y. (Frederick L.6, Zach.5, Zach.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. June 9, 1881, Nora Alice Martin, of North Bay, Oneida Co., N.Y. Res. 13 Summer St., Bradford, Pa. He was for forty-one years in the mercantile business, N.Y. She was a dau. of John C. Martin. She d. 2/28/1944.

VIII.3195.  Olive Maltby, b. Sept. 9, 1882, Eden, N.Y.
VIII.3196.  Fred Valouras Maltby, b. Nov. 22, 1884, Wyandale, N.Y.
VIII.3197.  Bessie Lathrop   "    b. Apr. 22, 1887.
VIII.3198.  Clara Bell       "    b. Dec. 25, 1889; d. Jan. 4, 1889(?)
VIII.3199.  Sarah Alice      "    b. Dec. 28, 1892; d. Sept. 25, 1893.
VIII.3200.  Lois Irene       "    b. Nov. 9, 1894, Bradford, Pa.
VIII.3201.  Margaret Beatrice "   b. Nov. 28, 1897     "      "

Lewis Lathrop Maltby was elected City Controller, Nov. 1933, for a four year term, five or six houses to look after; six small oil wells and for eleven or twelve years, had several counties to see to for the Kanstine Co., Buffalo, and two or three for the Hero Fur- nace Co., of Chicago, Ill. Is one of the Official Board for the First M.E. Church, on one Committee Chamber of Commerce, etc.

His daughter, Margaret Beatrice, was two years in the City Library, Utica, N.Y. 1924 Assist. Librarian, State College of Pennsylvania.

VII.1835. Mary Jonanna Maltby, b. July 29, 1863 (Frederick L.6, Zach.5, Zach.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Willis Gaylord Clark,