Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Children of Albert G. Maltby:
VIII.2885.  Dau. Maltby, mar. Charles Smith.
VIII.2886.   "      "

VII.1594. Sylvester Daniel Maltby, b. Apr. 1, 1834 (Ezra 6, Zach.5, Dan.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. June 29, 1855, Fidelia Ann Balch, at Virgil, N.Y. She was dau. of John and Almira (Stowell) Balch. He mar. (2) Pauline Ida Simpich, b. Apr. 19, 1855. He served in the Civil War during the last nine months in a New York Regt. In 1865, removed to Hogerty, Wis., where he d. Dec. 9, 1909. (Ref. Balch Fam., p.373). Records by him and dau. Alice Reunah.

Children: (by 1st wife)
VIII.2887.  Hester Ann Maltby, b. Nov. 27, (or 28) 1857 or 58. Res.
                                  Spokane, Wash.  unmar. in 1926.
VIII.2888.  John Ezra     "    b. Dec. 28 (30?) 1859 (60?)
VIII.2889.  Mary D.       "    b. Feb. 1, 1862 (or 7, 1864?) d. unmar.
VIII.2890.  Rosia         "    b. July 20, 1864; d. unmarried.
By 2nd wife:
VIII.2891.  Jeannette Estelle Maltby, b. Sept. 28, 1878 (80?) Unmar.
                                         in 1920. Teacher Pub. School,
                                         Spokane, Washington.
VIII.2892.  Charles Theddor Maltby, b. Jan. 20, 1881.
VIII.2893.  Rose Ann           "    b. May 29, 1882.
VIII.2894.  Susanne Deborah    "    b. Nov. 28, 1883, unmar. Res.
                                       Washington, D.C. 1472 Monroe St.
VIII.2895.  Isabelle           "    b. Aug. 10, 1884.
VIII.2896.  Daniel Albert      "    b. Mar. 10, 1886.
VIII.2897.  Alice Reunah       "    b. Feb. 28, 1888.
VIII.2898.  Howard Albert      "    b. Apr. 28, 1889.
VIII.2899.  Leroy Ezra         "    b. Dec. 28, 1890.
VIII.2900.  Grover Cleveland   "    b. Dec. 31, 1891, m. had 3 children.
                                    Res. Chilton, Wis.
VIII.2901.  Frederik Simpish   "    b. Feb. 16, 1894, single.
                                    Res. Hilbert, Wis.
VIII.2902.  Carrie Bertha      "    b. June 22, 1896, unmar.
                                    Res. Casper, Wyo.
VIII.2903.  Marjorie Melissa   "    b. Sept. 28, 1900,
                                    Res. Hilbert, Wis.
              (The 3 last were not mar. in 1917)

N.B. An amazing item was sent me, quoting the English publica- tion: Burke's Landed Gentry; 1939 Edition, which contained a section for families in the States.

Here was given: "Sylvester Daniel Maltby, b. April 1, 1834, Summerville, N.Y. 'head' of the family." Also this work included "Monroe Maltby, New York City, b. 24, July, 1900, as 'head.'

The "head" of a family should be the eldest son of an eldest son to have male issue. Joseph (3) Maltby, (son of Daniel 2), is the progenitor of this senior line, his descent being: Joseph 4, Rev. Joseph 5, Milo 6, Chauncy 7.

Mr. Monroe E. Maltby, Adams Center, N.Y., descends from Joseph 5, but through a junior line. Charles Eli Maltby's eldest son, if still living, is in reality the "head of the Maltby family" of the States.

The double dates in the records of children of Sylvester Daniel Maltby, are due to the fact that members did not agree as to correct dates.