Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

I give to my daughter, Elizabeth Hoadley my cupborard with four drawers and long table.

Lastly my will is and I do hereby nominate and appoint my dear and loving wife, Abigail Maltby, my son Samuel Maltby to be joint Executors of this my last will and testament and I give unto my said dear wife the improvement of one third part of my real estate during her natural life, desiring her to take care to see my just debts duely paid and I al- so desire my loving brother, Mr. Samuel Bishop, to be overseer and give assistance in the execution of this my last will and testament. . .

. . .I hereunto set my hand and seal in Branford this twenty ninth day of August, Anno Domini 1710, in the ninth year of her majesty's reign. I, the said Wm. Maltby do also bequeath five pounds to my son John Maltby's eldest son, and five pounds to each of the rest of my eldest grandson now living to be paid at money value by my Executors, and also five shillings apiece to each of my grandchildren.

Wm. Maltby (Seal.) Signed, sealed and published as the last will and testament by the sub- scriber in the presence of us.

                                Jeremiah Osborne. 
                                Samuell Pond. 
                                Uzall Wardell 
                                Miriam Pond 
"Appeared the witnesses to the last will and testament of Wm. Maltby, Esqr., late of Branford, deceased, and made oath that they saw the said Wm. Maltby, Esqr., sign, seal and publish ye will as his last will and testament and that he was of sound mind and understanding when he so did according to the best of their judgment, wherupon the Court accept and allow of said will and order it to be entered on record.

Test. John Winston, Clerk." (Certified copy of William Malby's will can be seen on pp. 257, 258, 259 "Maltby-Maltbie Family" Pub. 1916).

Note. Mehitabel (4) Maltby, John (3), John (2), Wm. (1), married Jeremiah Osborn, a descendant of above Jeremiah.

Uzall Wardell was, apparently, son of Usal Wardell, bpt. 1639, Ipswick, Mass., who mar. 1664, Mary Kinsman. The will of her father, Robert Kinsman, London, Eng. Jan. 23, 1664, calls Mary, wife of Uswell Wardell. Robert also mentions: "Cousin Richard Nicolls." Could this be Gov. Richard Nicolls of 1666-7 letter, which mentions "Mr. (John) Malbye."

Abstract of the Inventory of the estate of William Maltby, Esq., 2d day of Novem. 1710.

                                                        #     s     d House, barn and other buildings with a part of the 
     homestead on which the said buildings stand.     215 
The home lot east of the house                         35 
15 acres of plow land at Scotch Cap                    45 
About 8 acres of salt meadow at Scotch Cap             32 
About 12 acres of rough land at Scotch Cap              6    12 
9 acres of land at Great Plain                         36 
5 acres of land at Indian Neck                         20