Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"After his death Mrs. Thornton gave much of her time to travel, but lately has been living with her nephew in Tulsa, Oklahoma, maintain- ing, however, her interest in Santa Fe and its affairs. It is here she wished to find her last resting place and in accordance with her wishes interment will be made in Fairview cemetery on Monday afternoon.

Mrs. Thornton was active in the Woman's Board of Trade for many years, was a staunch member of the Church of the Holy Faith (Episco- pal), president of its guild, and was prominent in civic movements and church undertakings. Besides her brother" (Arthur Norman Maltby) "a sister, Mrs. John P. Victory, at present in Clinton, N.Y., and a niece, Mrs. Frank Butt of Albuquerque, survive.

The honorary pallbearers will be:--Governor R.C. Dillon; ex-Gov- ernor M.A. Otero, ex-Governor Herbert J. Hagerman, Supreme Court Jus- tice Frank W. Parker, Levi A. Hughes, Supreme Court Justice H.L. Bickley, Supreme Court Justice John C. Watson, and ex-Mayor Arthur Seligman. The active pallbearers will be Mayor J.C. McConvery, Su- preme Court Justice Charles C. Catron, Bradley M. Thomas, ex-Mayor Jose D. Sena, Edward R. Wright, Carl Bishop, Carl Gilbert and ex-Mayor E.P.Davies."

VII.1492. Mary Persis Maltby, b. Apr. 29, 1848 (Norman 6, John 5, Wm.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Thursday, Aug. 14, 1890, Judge John Patrick Victory, at Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was son of James and Catharine (Brennan) Victory, of Brooklyn, N.Y.

General John Patrick Victory was b. at Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept. 10, 1837. He was educated in the city and admitted to the bar, and was City Attorney of Brooklyn two years. In 1883 he removed to Santa Fe where he continued to practice his profession. He was a director of the city schools five years; in 1889 he was elected county superin- tendent of schools; he was one of the promoters of the incorporation of Santa Fe and its first City Attorney, and held the position under both political parties.

In 1893 he was appointed assistant secretary of the Territory and served until 1895, when he was appointed by Gov. William T. Thorn- ton, Solicitor-General of the Territory. He was a member of Carleton Post, G.A.R., and was Commander of the Department of the Grand Army of the Republic. He is buried in the National Cemetery at Santa Fe, New Mexico. He d. Aug. 1, 1903, at Santa Fe. For some time his widow resided at Garcia Street, 129, Santa Fe. She traveled extensively, spending some years in Cuba with her son. Also visited her niece, Gladys Powell at Clinton, N.Y. One winter she and his sister, Mrs. Thornton, spent at Santa Barbara, Calif.--where Mr. Alfred Maltbie Lines had the pleasure of meeting them. Mrs. Victory was 2nd Vice- president of the Maltby Association and from 1895 until her death a regular correspondent of the compiler's mother and later of the com- piler. She contributed numerous records for the genealogy. She died in Cuba at the home of her son in Jan. 1941--she would have been 93 had she lived until April of the year. (Photograph owned by compiler).

VIII.2778. Thornton Maltby Victory, b. Tues. May 17, 1892 at
                                       Santa Fe, New Mexico.