Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

VII.1387. Charles Robinson Maltby, b. Feb. 23, 1837, Big Flats, N.Y. (Curtis W.6, Erastus 5, Jos.4, Jos. 3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Nov. 1859, Eliza Ann Stowe. Res. Corning, N.Y.

VIII.2727.  Bertha Rogers Maltby, b. Aug. 8, 1860; m. W.S. Heyringer.
VIII.2728.  Harriet Ellen    "    b. Apr. 15, 1862.
VIII.2729.  Sophie Louise    "    b. May 10, 1870, Corning, N.Y.

VII.1389. Jerome Bonepart Maltby, b. 1841, Monteray, N.Y. (Curtis 6, Erastus 5, Jos.4, Jos. 3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. ----; he d. Nov. 1914.

VIII.2730.  Andrew Bears Maltby, of Corning, N.Y.
VIII.2731.  Jerome Bonepart "  , Jr.
VIII.2732.  Silas B.        "

VII.1390. Erastus Maltby, b. ---- (Curtis 6, Erastus 5, Jos.4, Jos. 3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Sarah Andrews. (Vol. II, Yates Co. Hist. by S. Cleveland, p. 998) "Franklin G. Andrews, son of Amherst and Phebe Cady (Amherst died 1857, aged 87), mar. Euphemia Smith of Cohocton, and lived on his paternal homestead, where he died in 1861 aged fifty-six. They had a daughter, Sarah Andrews, who married Erastus Mal They reside in Corning (N.Y.) and have a daughter Lizzie."

VIII.2733.  Charles Schuyler Maltby. Res. Plainfield, N. Jersey.
VIII.2734.  Eliza Gavina Maltby, m. Harry L. McIntosh, 34, 13th Ave.,
                   % George S. Rockwell, Newark, N. Jersey.
           (Letters to this branch of family unanswered).  Please see
            p. 731/ p. 419A for further notes on Erastus Maltby.

VII.1453. Brigadier-General Jasper Adelmon Maltby, b. Nov. 3, 1826, Ashtabula, Ashtabula Co., Ohio (David 6, Wm.5, Wm.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Malvina James of Galena, Illinois.

VIII.2735.  Henry Maltby  (lost trace of.)

Jason A. Barber wrote: "I knew three of my uncles on my Mother's side" (Lydia E. Maltby, sister of Brig. Gen. Jasper A. Maltby). "They were wonderful men, and I was very fond of them in my youth and my memory of them is intensely vivid to me. . .

. .I remember Uncle Jasper coming home during the Civil War to re- cover from a wound. I then being a lad of only seven or eight years. He absolutely captivated me."

Jasper A. Maltby was a Brigadier General in the Union Army, and brigade district commander at Vicksburg. General of the 45th Illinois of Galena, Ill. Was severely wounded. Died at Vicksburg, Miss., Dec. 12, 1867.

(War of Rebellion, Official Record of Union and Confederate Armies, Series I, Vol. VII. Capture of Fort Donelson, Tenn.)

 (p.178) Letter. Feb. 28, 1862.

"Lieut-Col. Jasper A. Maltby, of the Forty-fifth, a brave and efficient officer, was also wounded in this engagement."

                            Signed. Genl. John A. McClernand.
(p.197) Letter Feb. 17, 1862.

"Lieut-Col. J.A. Maltby, of the Forty-fifth Regt. while en- couraging and animating his men was shot through the thigh, and severely, though I trust not fatally, wounded."

                           Signed W.H.L. Wallace, Col."