Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

May 9, 1706. At General Assembly, Hartford. Mr. William Malbie (and others) are by this Assembly appointed to be Justices of the Peace and Quorum in the Countie of New Haven.

(Branford Rec., Vol. II, p. 271)

Mar. 27, 1706. Agreement between Wm. Maltbie, Nathaniel Johnson, Nathaniel Payne and Daniel Payne for division of land.

Aug. 23, 1706. East Haven Reg., p. 30. Branford. Wm. Malbie, Clerk.

(Derby, Conn. Rec., p. 432)

May 12, 1707. Wm. Maltbie, Jus. Pece. Also-June 1, 1707. Wm. Malbie and Joseph Johnson, Witnesses; and

1709. "Wm. Maltbie, Justice of Pece."

(Branford Re., Vol. II)

(p. 333) April 2, 1708. Land laid out for Wm. Malbie (among others) the fifth allotment, fourth division.

(p. 337) Jan. 10, 1709-10. Agreement to draw for lots in 5th allotment, 4th division. Wm. Malbie, Nathaniel Johnson, Samuel Payne.

(Vol. III)

(p. 9) Mar. 16, 1709-10. At a meeting of the Proprietors of the town Mr. Wm. Malbie and Mr. Nathaniel Johnson were voted leave to take ten acres of land for the Payne children.

(p. 8) No date. Granted to Mr. Wm. Maltbie 2 acres of land which had failed to be entered and recorded previously.

1709 (from an old note-book). "Wm. Maltbe, 1709

                                     Council at New London." 
     Sept. 1, 1710.  Died.  William Maltbei, Esq. 

The tombstones of William Maltby, at Branford, and that of his wife, Abigail, which is beside him, read:--- "Here Lieth The "Here Lieth The

 Body of William                   Body of Mrs. Abigail 
 Maltbei, Esqr Who                 Maltbie Wife of 
 Died Septr ye 1                   William Maltbie, 
 A. D. 1710                        Esqrs, Died Oct. 
 Aged 65 years."                   ye 24 - 1710 
                                   Aged 51 Years." 

(Photographs possessed by the compiler of this book).

Spellings of the name in early records include: Malbey, Malbie, Malby, Malbye, Mallbier, Maltbe, Maltbei, Maltbey, Maltbye, Maltby, Maltbie, Malthie, Malbury, Maulby, Maultbey, Mawbley.

The following is an abbreviated table of some of the more important events in the life of William Maltby.

1645. Born.