Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"The old Maltby homestead is located about four or five miles northwest of Branford.

After his arrival in this country. In his. . repaired and hoped for an Academy. The old belfry and bell being used for the purpose. The old graveyard for lack of room has been moved a few rods to the northeast where there is ample room for its present and future needs. Most of the old gravestones are standing upright but many of them are placed horizontal on stone pedestals about two feet above the ground. They are all of the cellibrated Brownstone quarried near Middletown, Conn.

I examined nearly all of the older graves but the lettering has been so badly scaled off by the salt air of the ocean that I was un- able to fine any that bore the name of Maltby.

I then went to the Town Clerk's office and examined records. I there found the name of William Maltby first on the list and several others succeeding him.

The old Maltby homestead is located about four or five miles Northwest of Branford and about as far Southwest of North Branford, where the Reverened Maltby preached and probably was buried.

*I have forgotten the Reverened's Christian name and therefore leave it blank.

I will now give you all I can remember of the Maltby ancestry.

There were four brothers; Joseph, Grove, Calvin and Chandler, that emigrated from Connecticut to the State of New York. Three of them took up land in Jefferson County, and one (Chandler) in Genesee Co.

The Reverened Joseph Maltby (my grandfather) preached, died and was at Tylerville, town of Rutland.

He had four sons: Milo, Sherman, Horace and William, also one daughter, Lois (my mother). Her children's names were, Gordon, Grove, Harrison and Eliza. Harrison had no children of his own. Of Grove's family you already have a record.

My children's names were: William Henry, Clarence, and Eliza. Clarence died in infancy. William Henry's only child, Ruth Cecelia Elizabeth, b. Dec. 23, 1894; d. May 17, 1906.

Milo Maltby's children: Eli, Chauncy, Sherman, Cynthia and Clarissa are all I can remember. They all migrated to the West ex- cept Chauncy and Cynthia who died in Jefferson County.

Sherman Maltby had two sons; Beals and Clark. William Maltby had two sons; Byron and Judson. I have no knowledge of Grove Maltby's family. Chandler had two sons, one of whom "Orrin" was grandfather of George Maltby of Buffalo, N.Y. Calvin had two daughters, one mar- ried Henry Gordoner, the other, named Hannah, was still unmarried the last I heard from her.

Many years ago I visited Chauncy Maltby's widow at Tylerville, and on my visit we went over to the churchyard and as we passed through the gates she said: "here is where you will find most of the Maltbys."

We visited the different graves and turned homeward with sad reflections.

I should be pleased to learn from which of the Maltby brothers you descend.

As soon as the books are out let me know and I will order some. Hoping you will be successful, I remain,

                                         Truly yours-
                                         Gordon W. Hall."
*(I think this was Rev. John Maltby).

"The Country Churchyard." Dedicated to Maltby."