Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Malbie to buy four acres of land (and no more) of Jeofferie, an Indian belonging to Branford, which four acres of land is within Branford com- mon field at a place called Indian Neck."

(Branford Deeds, Vol. II, p. 161)

"24 June, 1702. Deed of Jeofry, the Indian, to Mr. William Maltby."

William's name is spelt Maltbie in this deed, excepting in one instance where it is Malthie.

The mark of Jeofry and John are rough drawings of a bow and arrow. Witnesses were: Francis Tyler

Benjamin Harrington. Note. I am told Harrington should be "ffarington." Note. The widow of John Farrington of Dedham, Mass., Mary Bullard, mar.

(2) ca. 1686-7, William Hoadley of Branford.

(Pub. Rec. Conn.)

(p. 395) 1702. General Assembly at New Haven. Mr. Will Malbie for Branford.

(p. 407) May 13, 1703. Court of Election, Hartford. Mr. Will Malbie for Branford.

(p. 414) May, 1703. Justice of the Peace and Quorum, William Malbie, Esq."

Nov. 7, 1703. Letter to Governor Treat of Milford, signed: *Josiah Resseter, John Alling, Wm. Maltbie and Jer. Osborn. (Winthrop


*Note. A "Colonel Rossiter was an officer in Cromwell's army.

(New Haven Court Rec., Vol. II, p. 89)

Oct. 10, 1702. At a Court of Probate, held in New Haven. Esquire Judge William Maltbie.

"Jan. 4, 1703-4. At a special court held at New Haven, Lycence is granted by this Court to ye worshipfull Mr. William Maltbie of Branford to retail strong drink in small parts.

(New Haven County Court Rec., Vol. II, p. 147)

Jeremish Osborne, Esqu., Judge.

Wm. Maltbie

John Alling

Eleazer Stent, Esqrs., Justices of the Quorum

(p. 467) May, 1704. Justice of Peace and Quorum

William Malbie.

(p. 468) May, 1705. Justice of Peace and Quorum

                                     Mr. William Malbie. 

(Pub. Rec. of Conn.)

(p. 499) May 10, 1705. General Assembly, Hartford. Mr. William Malbie for Branford.

(p. 521) Oct. 11, 1705. Act passed at General Assembly at Hart- ford, Mr. Will Malbye, for Branford.

(p. 532) May, 1706. Justice of Peace and Quorum. Mr. William Malbie.