in the said document. This Richard was father of Earl Hugh who appointed Reinfrid to Eversham Abbey, and likewise the father of Margaret, who married Ranulf, Viscount of Bayoux. Tream Abbey, we have seen, was in the diocese of Bayoux.

"1069" is the exact date we have as the earliest known of our pre- genitor, Reinfrid, in England where "he went North with King William in 1069."

There is also the name of, probably, Reinfrid's eldest son Robert. As they "gave all they had" we may presume that Robert went to England with his father and probably was ancestor of some well'known family that is known by another name. "Robert", we do know, was a name in the family of our Reinfrid, as Fulk's eldest son was named Robert and this Robert named his eldest son Robert.

There are other indications that this is the correct Reinfrid in France, but too long to be inserted in the space allowed in this work.

We have a proved line of descent in England from John Maltby of Kexby Hall, Lincoln, whose will was made in 1557, and who had a son old enough to be Exer. of the will. Mr. Gerald Fothergill, English record searcher, placed the date of birth of this John as not later than 1510. Whereas it has not been proved that William Maltby of Ingham, Lincoln, was father of this John, I begin the pedigree with him, as I feel convinced that William of Ingham was father of our John Maltby of Kexby. The Kent Hall of Thomas; Lord Darcy gives no Maltby of Kexby prior to this John although Mr. Fothergill examined the rolls back to 1100. Ingham is only four air miles S.E. of Kexby. His Will was made "15 Aug. 1547. He makes his wife Isabell and son John, Exex's. Also mentions son Robert and daughters, Elizabeth and Katherine." The first witness is "John Jackson." Proved in Arch Stowe. 3 Feby, 1547/8, felie 477.

Intensive search of the records yeilds no other John (than John of Kexby) who could have been his son, and there are no other families in this vicinity who can be traced to William of Ingham. We also have John of Kexby naming a daughter Isabell, presumably for his mother. He mentions "To Isabell Jackman". And William of Ingham had John Jackson as first witness. Also "to Elizabeth Burr and Richard Burr", which might possibly be the daughter Elizabeth of William's Will. One of his two sons is named William.

John Maltby of Kexby Hall, Kexby, Lincoln; made his Will "26 Nov. 1557. Burial at Upton. (i.e. "Upton sum Kexby"). (Upton is one air mile north of Kexby.) He makes "Will Prester and Christopher Maultby Supervisors. Wife Margarie (or Margaret) and son Richard Exer's. Proved in the Commistery of Linclon, 3 Dec. 1557, 31."

This Christopher Maultby, Supervisor, in 1557, was undoubtedly a relative, and insidentally a probable clue in assisting to trace the Maltby family. "Lay Subsidy Roll, 137-399. Henry VIII. 1542. "Kexby. John Maltby in goods 7 (pounds) taxed 14d."
Christopher Maltby in goods 40 shillings, taxed 2d. "No Maltby at Upton."

The small amount for Christopher would indicate a younger man, and very possibly a brother of John of Kexby who had died before William Maltby of Ingham made his Will in 1547. Christopher is believed to be Christopher Maltby of Hemswell, Lincoln. Will made 21 May 1541 and proved in Arch Stow 17 April 1542, folio 117.