Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

VI.1177. Elizabeth Anna Morehouse, b. July 18, 1844 (Andrew Morehouse 5, Sarah Buckley 4, Hannah 3, Jthon.2, Wm.1). Mar. July 31, 1865, Justice Waterman Meacham of Milwaukee, Wis. She furnished many rec- ords for this book. From 1895 until long after 1906, she corresponded with my mother and me. About 1903-4, Mr. Meacham who was in New Haven to see their nephew, Laurene DeGoyla (a student at Yale and member of "Cloister"--a select society) called upon us. A delightful man and Mrs. Meacham was a lovely lady. He was a brother of Olney Gault Meacham.

1. Jeremiah Meacham, wife Margaret, supposed from Somerset, Eng.
2. Capt. Isaac  "    mar. wid. Deborah (Browning) Perkins, dau. of
Thomas and Mary ---- Browning.
3. Ichabod Meacham, wife, Elizabeth, of Enfield, Ct.  It is claimed
she was a cousin of Gen. Greene.
4. Isaac Meacham, and 1st wife, Lydia (Blanchard) d. of Nicholas
and Hannah ---- Blanchard.
5. Abraham Meacham, Corporal in Rev. War, mar. Lydia Standish (descend
from Capt. Miles Standish  (1) Josiah (2) Samuel (3) Thomas (4)
Rev. War).
6. Asa Meacham, b. Pawlet, Vt., d. 1856, Sandy Cove, N.Y.; m. at
Panlet. 1st. wife, Margaret Willard.

"Margaret Williard, dau. of Joseph and Sarah (Hare) Willard, Capt. Jonathan and Sarah (Childs) Willard, (her father was an officer in the Rev. War--a noted Tory!)--Joseph descended from a noble family, 9th from Major Simon Willard who came from Co. Kent, England."

Note. Although Mrs. Meacham corresponded with me, the compiler, for long years, I was under the impression she had no children. In the years which have passed, it seems evident that she had a daughter who married a Mr. Eldarado, for I am convinced the account Mrs. Eldarado wrote of her visit to Maltby (south Yorkshire) was sent by Mrs. Meacham; and definitely the letter began "Dear Mother." So far as can be learned, Mrs. Eldarado had no children. Mr. Eldarado, as I recall it, was prominent in musical affairs and his engagements took them.

            Mrs. J. W. Meacham.

Meacham. At her home in Milwaukee, on the evening of Thursday, Septem- ber 12th, Elizabeth A. (Morehouse), wife of Justin W. Meacham, aged 64 years.

Mrs. Meacham was a native of Ohio and had been resident in Mil- waukee more than forty years, during which period she was a consistent member of St. Paul's parish. Having no children of her own, she was a life-long benefactress to those who needed her help. She was per- haps the most truly hospitable person the writer has ever known, and her home had frequently been the home of persons to whom hospitality was of assistance. She was for many years one of the managers of the Milwaukee Orphan Asylum, and one of the most constant workers for that institution.

To her were made applications for entrance of children and thus she was thrown continually in touch with cases of distress. She was also a benefactress of the family at St. John's Home, each of whom