Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Returning to the good ship "Friends Adventure."

William Maltby's son, William, was Captain of this Brigantine, as shown in New Haven Rec., Vol. II, p. 52, under date:

"3 Dec. 1700. William Maltbie of New Haven, master of ye Brigan- tine ffriends Adventure." Shortly after this date William Maltby, Junior, lost his life in the West Indies. The Inventory of his Estate, June, 1701. This document mentions: "Debts due ye Estate in Barbadoes, # 35-13-7 1/2."

Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby wrote: "Branford in those days (time of Benjamin (3) Maltby), was a thriving seaport; more business was done in Branford said Capt. Parish, an old gentleman, than in New Haven. The merchants, he said, purchased their West India goods in Branford. The farmers in Northford carried all there. It was the market for their wheat, rye, corn, flax, flaxseed, staves, hoops, etc. Flax and flaxseed was a great article. Captain Josiah Fowler and Jonathan Fowler, Benja- min Maltby (3), and others raised abundance for the market. In my boy- hood I went with my father (above Benjamin) when he carried his effects and was well pleased to see the vessels."

Note. Capt. Parish may have been a relative as Abigail (3) Maltby, daughter of Daniel (2) and aunt of Rev. Jonathan, mar. (2) Ephraim Par- ish. The mother of Rev. Jonathan was Elizabeth Fowler. An old box, covered with faded wall paper and marked on the back, "Benjamin Maltby, 1776," is owned by the compiler. It has a metal handle and may well be the box in which he carried papers on his trips from Northford to Bran- ford.

Selina Maltby, born 1794, grand-daughter of Samuel and Rosanna (Coe) Maltby, wrote: "One of the Maltbys owned three ships with cargos afloat at the same time."

(Pub. Rec. Conn.)

(p. 342) May 8, 1701. Court of Election. Mr. William Maltbie for Branford.

(p. 347) May, 1701. Justice of the Peace, and Quorum, appointed for New Haven Countie, Mr. William Malbie.

(Vol. II.)

(p. 65) April 30, 1701. At a Court of Probate, held at New Haven, Present William Maltbie, Jeremiah Osborne, John Alling, Esqre., Justices Quorum.

(p.142) May 26, 1701. A Town Meeting in Branford. The town have chosen and appointed Mr. Wm. Maltbie, Sergtnt Nath'l Foot and Edward Barker, Jr., a committee to provide a stock of powder and lead for the town as the law required and the town to engage to repay what they shall expend the next winter either in money or provisions at money price."

(p.358) Oct. 9, 1701. General Assembly at New Haven. Mr. Willa Malbie, for Branford.

(p.240) At a Court of Probate held in New Haven, Oct. 10, 1702, Present Major Moses Mansfield, Esquire Judge William Maltbie.

(p.372) May 14, 1702. General Assembly at Hartford. Mr. William Malbie, for Branford.

(p.378) May, 1702. Justice of the Peace and Quorum. Mr. William Malbie.

(p.390) May, 1702. This Assembly grants liberty to Mr. William