Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Children: VII.2231. Caroline Atwater Rowland, b. Sept. 21, 1822. VII.2232. Elizabeth James " b. Aug. 17, 1824. VII.2233. Sarah Maltbie " b. ----; d. unmarried. VII.2234. George " mar. Jane Hull. No children. VII.2235. Ruth Atwater " VII.2236. Thomas Fitch " VII.2237. Maltby A. K. " died unmarried. VII.2238. Frederick C. " VII.2239. Jennie " VII.2240. Mary " died in infancy. VI.1097. Samuel Rowland, b. 1798 (Sarah 5, Jthon.4, Jthon.3, Jthon.2, Wm.1). Children: VII.2241. James H. Rowland VII.2242. George " Note. Mrs Cushman wrote: "George Rowland was a Maltbie." Miss Harriet Maltby (5), dau. of Rev. Jonathan (4) said: "He was a grocer in New Haven, Conn., on State Street, near Chapel Street, and knows a good deal about the Maltby name." This is the only George Rowland I find of proper date, to be George of New Haven. I should expect he was father of Mr. Henry Row- land, of New Haven, on or near Orchard Street, and to whom I was di- rected to write in 1903, as "He knows a great deal about the Maltbys." He did send records, but not of Rowland. VI.1098. Charles Rowland, b. 1800. Children: VII.2243. Charles Bellamy Rowland VII.2244. Mary Hull " VII.2245. Francis Noyes " VII.2246. Elizabeth Bellamy " VII.2247. Roger Sotreyhaven(?) " VI.1099. Elizabeth Rowland, b. 1802 (Sarah 5, Jthon.4, Jthon.3, Jthon.2, Wm.1). Mar. Obadiah Jones. Children: VII.2248. Sophia Jones, m. Mr. Edwards. 1 dau. Amy Edwards. VII.2249. Elizabeth " VII.2250. Mary " VII.2251. William " VII.2252. Sarah " VII.2253. Henry R. " VII.2254. John " VII.2255. Edward " VII.2256. Samuel " VII.2257. Frederick " VII.2258. Eugene " had a son, Eugene, Jr.