Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

1700-1701. William Maltby lost his son, Captain William Maltbie of New Haven.

(The following record which was accepted at the New Haven County Court, Jan. 26, 1712-13 (two or three years after the death of William Maltby, 1710) must refer to a transaction as far back as 1700).

"To all Christian persons to whom this present act and deed shall come, know ye, etc., etc. I, William Maltbie of Branford, Esq., in the Colony of Connecticut, in New England, sendsth greeting. Know ye that I, the sd. William Maltbie, for and in consideration of a valuable sum in hand, already paid by Jonathan Atwater of New Haven, in New England aforesd., for and toward the building, fitting, apparrelling and com- pleting the good Brigantine, called the Friends Adventure, now riding at anchor in the harbor of sd. New Haven--burthen about sixty-eight tons, have given, granted, bargained, sold, convey, confirmed and firm- ly made over unto him the said Jonathan Atwater one whole eighth of the Hull or body of the sd. Brigantine together with one eighth of ye masts, yards, boom bolt, spret, hatches, souttles, grateings, boat oars, sails, anchors, ropes, cables, cordage, stores and all other appurtenances to the same belonging. Myself the present owner, etc." (New Haven County Court Rec., Vol. II, p. 586)

(p. 587) "To Ebenezer Atwater - 1/4 part owner."

(p. 588) To Moses Mansfield 1/6 part owner.

"these three signed in the presence of Jonathan Maltbie and Will- iam Maltbie, Jr."

"William Maltbie." "Dec. 8, 1699. Wm. Maltbie

Stephen Whitehead

To Ebenezer Atwater, 1/4 part. Deed witnessed by Wm. Maltbie, Jr. and Jonathan Atwater.

To Moses Mansfield 1/16 part. (Note. Not "1/6" as above). Same witnesses as above.

To Samuel Mansfield 1/8 part. (Same witnesses). Note. Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby in a paper written in 1848, writes:

"In the inventory of Wm. Maltby are quite a number of vessels." (Where is this inventory? Could it be amongst records of the New Haven Custom House?)

A few notes on these families may be of interest. David

Jonathan Atwater was b. 1656, son of Daniel Atwater of New Haven. He mar. 1681, and his son, David, b. 1683, mar. (2) Tabitha Whitehead.

Jonathan's younger brother was Ebenezer, b. 1666, m. 1691, and the eldest brother was John Atwater, b. 1654, who mar. Abigail Mansfield, 1682, eld. dau. of Moses Mansfield, Senior. Her brother, Moses, Jr., Mariner, was b. 1674. Samuel Mansfield, brother of Moses, Jr., Grad. of Harvard Coll. 1690, "went into West India trade and died unmarried." * Regarding Whitehead. We had the Branford record, 1687 of John Whitehead. My notes state "John Whitehead was a founder of New Haven."

These Whiteheads were also of Long Island, where John Maltby's descendants settled, and at Stratford, Conn. Thomas Whitehead was of Smithtown, L.I. Daniel Whitehead was of Jamaica, L.I. Samuel Whitehead mar. in 1676, Sarah, wid. of John Gilbert of New Haven, dau. of Thomas Greyson, and I believe an early Phebe Whitehead mar. a Greyson. The will of George Alcocks mentions "Sister Elizabeth Whitehead of Leamington Pri- ors, Warwick, England."