Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"grandchildren: Mrs. H.R.Snell of Medina, Mrs. R.L.Kratzer of Memphis and Frank C. Meigs of Baldwinsville. The funeral was held at the home of Mrs. Daboll, Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock. Burial was made in Riverview cemetery." (She d. at Dabell's (sic.) Corners in Van Buren). T. I. Riverview Cemetery, Baldwinsville, N.Y.

                Meigs Monument--2 inscriptions. Lot 145 R.V.
           Ruel Meigs. Dec.30,1823-Mar.20,1901. (Also given as Mar.21)
           Loanna Molby, his wife, Oct.2,1830-June 11,1911."

Children of Ruel Meigs and Loanna Molby.
VII.2196.  Harriet Ann Meigs, b. Jan. 27, 1858, at Sterling Station,
                                 Cayuga Co., N.Y.
VII.2197.  Grant Ruel    "    b. Nov. 18, 1866, Van Buren.
Ruel Meigs descended from Phineas Meigs, b. 1758 and his wife,
Elizabeth Hitchcock.  He was a Rev. War soldier.  Their son, Phineas
Meigs, Jr. mar. Polly Ingoldsby. (his 2nd wife).

There is an interesting item in the marriage of Polly Ingoldsby to Phineas Meigs, Jr. Her sister, Cynthia Ingoldsby, married Grove (5) Maltby, b. May 3, 1782; mar. Oct. 9, 1805. In early life he re- sided near Rochester, N.Y.

Miss L.E.Voorhees of Baldwinsville, New York, kindly furnished the Ingoldsby data below.

John Ingoldsby, b. May 15, 1753, was a Rev. War soldier. Dr. Beauchamp says--"This pensioner was lame and infirm in 1820, and his dau. Olive, was then 23 years old. He saved $589.95, and his prop- erty amounted to $620.93, including his equity in 100 acres of farm land. He was a Lexington man, and also served in Capt. Wheeler's Co., Col. Nixon's Regt., Mass. Line, but was discharged under Capt. Thomas Barnes. He came here in 1812."

Mr. Louis J. Sears, Baldwinsville, N.Y., said that John Ingoldsby went to the battle of Lexington with a sawed off gun.

Tombstone Ins. Sorrel Hill Cemetery. Van Buren, Onondaga Co.,N.Y. "In memory of John Ingalsbe who died August 17, 1836, ae. 83-3-2. Rev. War Marker."

In 1820 John Ingoldsby bought land in Van Buren. On Feb. 7, 1829, he deeded the land to his son, Eber Ingoldsby, on condition that with- in four years he pay $60 each to the other six children.

1. Eber Ingoldsby, b. June 30, 1787; mar. Zeuviah--T.I.
"Zeuviah, wife of Eber Ingalsbe, died Aug. 12, 1859, ae.
63-2-14."  Bur. Sorrel Hill Cemetery.
   Onondaga Gazette-issue Sept. 5, 1850.
In van Buren on the 31st, Mr. Eber Inglesby."
   T.I. "Eber Ingalsbe, died Aug. 31, 1850, ae. 63-2-1."
                   War of 1812 marker.
2. Cynthia Ingoldsby (from D.M.V.) m.(1) Oct. 9, 1805, Grove (5)
Maltby bpt. Canaan, Conn., b. May 3, 1782; in early life
resided near Rochester, N.Y.  At one time lived near Bright-
on, Mich. He d. Feb. 27, 1821 and his widow mar. a Mr.
Dayton and d. June 15, 1856. (Grove Maltby (5), Joseph (4),
Joseph (3), Daniel (2), Wm. (1)).
	3. Lucy Ingoldsby mar. a Mr. Lazell.