Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(Information from the three living descendants in this section in 1953). Harvey Betts Walker, East Dead Creek road, now part of the new Route 31.

Mrs. Emma Wormuth King*, 31 Downer St., Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Mrs. R. Lincoln Kratzer, East Dead Creek road.
Tombstone inscriptions in various cemeteries. Newspaper items.

William L. Rouse and his first wife are buried in St. Mary's ceme- tery, Baldwinsville, on the Hanley lot. His second wife is buried in the Catholic cemetery in Skaneateles on the Lynch lot.

They had seven children--all born on the Molby-Rouse farm.

Children of Harrison Rouse and Harriet Molby:
VII.2181.  Barbary Rouse, b. Jan. 4, 1849; d. Apr. 6, 1853 in Van Buren,
                             ae. 4-3-2. Bur. on her grandfather's
                             farm in Van Buren, the William Rouse
VII.2182.  Cornelia Ann Rouse, b. Apr. 17, 1854.
VII.2183.  Henrietta      "    b. Oct. 28, 1855.
VII.2184.  Mary Martha    "    b. Apr. 8, 1857.
VII.2185.  William Lewis   "   b. Jan. 15, 1862.
VII.2186.  George Madison  "   b. Mar. 25, 1863; d. May 22, 1944, near
                                  Westmoreland, N.Y. Single.
VII.2187.  Lewis Edwin     "   b. June 2, 1867; d. Oct. 25, 1924.

Tombstone Inscriptions on the old William Rouse farm, in Van Buren.

"William Rouse, born Feb. 25-1796--died Feb. 21, 1874."

Rebecca Spore, his wife, born April 30, 1806--died Oct. 29, 1896.

(Rebecca has no stone.  Her name was to have been put on this
         monument, but this was never done).

Harrison Rouse died Nov. 23, 1890, ae. 68-0-13 (so b. Nov. 10, 1822). Harriet Maltby, wife of Harrison Rouse, died Apr. 17, 1887, ae. 63 yrs. Barbary, daughter of Harrison and Harriet Rouse, died Apr. 6, 1853, ae. 4-3-2. Harriet (Molby) Rouse d. Apr. 17, 1887 in Van Buren on the Rouse farm.

(Newspaper clipping.)


Margaret A. Hanley, wife of Wm. H. Rouse, died at her home on Pagoda Hill, Monday, Feb. 17, 1902, aged 42 years. Funeral was held at St. Mary's church this (Thursday) morning at 10 o'clock, burial being made in St. Mary's cemetery. Deceased was a daughter of Thomas Hanley of Van Buren."


The Syracuse Post-Standard says that Lewis M. Rouse of Baldwins- ville, and Miss Margaret L. White of Amboy, were married in Syracuse, Jan. 11, 1899.

VI.1069. Polly Molby, b. Mar. 16, 1826, in the town of Van Buren, Onondaga Co., N.Y. (Chester 5, Jonathan 4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. Feb. 19, 1848, Atchison Tappan, son of Asher Tappan.

Mr. Fred A Molby, Baldwin, Kansas, thinks Polly Molby Tappan very likely died at Lansing, Mich. Burial is said to have been at Dryden, Lapeer Co., Michigan, where she lived many years.

* See p. S 86-7 for her obituary notice.