Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Sally Holcomb died December 14, 1872, aged 89 years.
Alvira D. Holcomb died August 19, 1831, aged 10 years.
Sabra A. died Dec. 7, 1840, aged 33 years.
Harriet Holcomb died March 23, 1846, aged 41 years.


John Molby was born April 1, 1817. (MS.p.19 "b. Apr. 14"). Note.
                                       3 dates for his birth.
                                       (A) Feb. 19, 1817.
                                       (B) Apr. 1, 1817.
                                       (C) Apr. 14, 1817.
Clarissa E. Holcomb was born Sept. 27, 1818.
Alvira J. Molby was born April 28, 1838.
Almira J. Molby was born April 25, 1839.
Emily M. Molby was born Sept. 13, 1841.
Clinton D. Molby was born Jan. 6, 1844.
Wallace W. Molby was born Nov. 6, 1845.
George W. Molby was born May 3, 1850.
Franklin H. Molby was born May 7, 1854.
Irvin J. Molby was born Nov. 25, 1857.
 (Note added by F. A. Molby.  It is safe to presume that John
Molby's children were all born on his farm not far from
Baldwinsville, Onondaga County, New York).


John Molby and C. E. Holcomb, July 22, 1837.
Almira J. Molby to Malden Meigs, Jan. 25, 1860.
Alvira J. Molby to Asahel Earll, Mar. 21, 1860.
Emily M. Molby to William Harrison Barlow, Mar. 21, 1860.
Wallace W. Molby to Rose Crandal (no date given).
Clinton D. Molby and Harriet Hatch, Feb. 13, 1866.
 (Note by F. A. Molby.  The Wallace W. Molby marriage probably
earlier than the year 1870).

Franklin H. Molby and Ida Ingoldsby, Mar. 26, 1873. Irvin J. Molby and Rose Haynes, March 24, 1880.


John Molby died Feb. 6, 1859. (Onondaga Co., N.Y.) ae. 41-9-22. George W. Molby died Sept. 3, 1870 (Grave, Maplewood Cem., Barnes, Kan.) ae. 20-4-

Clarissa E. Molby died Sept. 8, 1897 at Creston, Iowa.

(Grave Maplewood Cem., Barnes, Kansas). (No more deaths of this family had been recorded in this Bible). Maplewood Cemetery is on the farm homesteaded by C. D. Molby.

The following records were taken by F. A. Molby, 9-17-1952, from Maplewood Cemetery gravestone inscriptions.

   Clinton D. Molby  March 28, 1906  (at home near Barnes)
   Harriet A. (his wife) died Nov. 11, 1909.
      1st child, dates illegible
      Bertha D. child of C. D. and H. A. Molby, died young.
   Asahel Earll died Nov. 13, 1902.
   Alvira J. his wife, died Sept. 4, 1904.
      (a child of above, d. 9-18-1881, ae. 3-0-17.
       a dau. of above, Emma Earll Petty, date illegible).