Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

    "3. William H. Griffeth, b. 1852; d. 1896; buried at
        Baldwinsville, N.Y."
    "4. Emily Griffeth, b. 1857; d. ----."

N.B. In 1953, Mr. LeRoy Griffeth, 76 yrs. old in 1953, wrote that his grandfather Aaron Griffeth died when Carey R., b. 4-1-1849, was but seven years old, as he recalled hearing Carey R. tell it.

"Aaron Griffeth died April 3, 1859, ae. 34-6-7; buried in old yard, Riverside Cemetery, Baldwinsville, N.Y.

After Aaron Griffeth died, his widow married Edward Williams. She and her son, Wm. H., are buried in Baldwinsville, N.Y., but in another part of the cemetery from Aaron's grave.

Mary Cornell Griffeth Williams lived at Sand Springs in the town of Van Buren. She died Sept. 29, 1896, ae. 73 years." (Were she and Ezra Cornell related?)

                      Parts in "quotes" signed by L.E.V.

Miss Voorhees and Mr. LeRoy Griffeth have furnished data on later descendants. He lived at 2704 S.E. Kelly Street, Portland 2, Oregon, in 1953. He gave some data on younger descendants. At that time he gave daughter of Raymond, brother of LeRoy, address: Eleanor Griffith Coulton (Mrs. Donald Coulton), Bangor, Maine. Also a daugh- ter of Frances, address: Frances Griffeth Wilhelm, Sherwood, Oregon.

When Samuel Molby, 1815, and wife named a son "Isaac Carey," their Bible record shows they spelled it Carey.

"Family Record of Cary Griffith, b. 1849, compiled from 'Our Bible,' by LeRoy Griffeth, date Dec. 1953.

All children bear the name Griffeth, and all were born in the town of Van Buren, Onondaga Co., N.Y.

               born            died                burial at
Mary Jane      May 5, 1874     Nov. 18, 1894       Warners, N.Y.
LeRoy          March 19, 1877  living at end 1953
Raymond        Jan. 23, 1879   June 4, 1943        Baldwinsville.
Arthur Victor  Oct. 22, 1882   Sept. 16, 1944      Ashes spread on
                                                   St. Lawrence River.
Frances Edna   Apr. 27, 1886   Nov. 4, 1946        Portland, Oregon.
Cary           May 3, 1892     Aug. 30, 1892       Warners, N.Y.
                    Verified copy of his compilation.
                     F. A. Molby, Baldwin, Kansas, Aug. 23, 1954.

Samuel Molby was a farmer in Van Buren until 1852, then a mer- chant in a general store for twelve years, then a farmer for the re- maining years of his life. In Baldwinsville he had the store build- ing that came to be called the "Pig's Ear"--it is still standing, 1953, but very old and dilapidated. It faces the Barge Canal on the south side of the river. It appears that Mr. Molby was unpopular "because of his opposition to the method of the Civil War for settling the slavery question, at least he was a northern democrat, and this hurt his trade so that he sold out and went to Michigan." He may have hired substitutes to serve in the war in place of his sons, as it is not known that any of them took part in the conflict.

Samuel Molby was a strong and fearless man. It is told of him that he seized an axe helve and went to the door of his store and warned a mob of angry men that he would brain the first man who

*See p. S86-7 for obituary.