Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

VII.2154A. Alexander Vosburgh, a nephew, was legally adopted and took the name of Maltby. From the notes before me, it does not appear there was any Maltby blood. However, we include his record, but not carried out.

"Alexander Vosburgh, b. July 10, 1851."

In the 1855 Census, Van Buren, 2nd Election District, under the family of Miner and Adaline (Vosburgh) Maltby is "Jane Vosburgh, 32 F., sister, Onondaga Mar.

Alexander Vosburgh, 3 M., nephew."

Apparently we have three sisters in these records.
Mary Ann Vosburg, b. 1817.
Adeline     "     b. 1820.   Census records.
Jane        "     b. 1823.
Children of James Vosburg and wife Jane -----.

Mr. F. A. Molby has a note (following death of Miner Maltby) "The 2nd Mrs. Merritt Maltby would not give me her name or any in- formation. Said she didn't want to be in any record." (L.E.Voorhees)

(Vital Rec.  Town of Brutus, Cayuga Co., N.Y.)
Aug. 19, 1891.  Eveline (sic) Maltby, ae. 72-1-26, born town of
Camillus, dau. of Jas. Frosbey and Jane Frosbey (should be James
Vosburgh and Jane Vosburgh).  Died in town of Brutus of heart
disease.  Buried Weedsport Rural cemetery.

VI.1060. Lyman Maltby, b. Jan. 18, 1818, in town of Camillus, now Van Buren. (Jacob 5, Jonathan 4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. (1) Jane Mann, b. 1828; d. Jan. 13, 1871, on the farm in Van Buren. Mar. (2) Charlotte (Lott) Howe*, dau. of William Howe and Adeline Howe, of the same surname. She b. May 20, 1842, in the town of Van Buren; d. Jan. 28, 1908, at the home of her brother-in-law, Henry Dibble in Van Buren.

Lyman Maltby was a farmer. His farm of 135 acres was on Lot 11 in the town of Van Buren on the East Dead Creek road. He built the present house, which is of brick, about 1870. They moved in before it was finished as his wife, then ill, had so looked forward to liv- ing in their handsome new home.

His will, dated June 24, 1881, was probated July 20, 1881. He left his property to his wife Charlotte M.* Maltby and his three sons, Thaddeus, Frederick and Herman, the latter a minor. Charlotte was to have the house and about sixty acres of land and at her death this property was to go to their son Herman. The rest of the farm was divided between Thaddeus and Frederick.

Lyman Maltby, his two wives and his three children are all buried in Riverview cemetery, Baldwinsville, N.Y. T. I. Riverview Cemetery, Baldwinsville, N.Y. (from Mrs. Irene Maltby of Baldwinsville, N.Y.)

"Maltby Monument--3 inscriptions. Lot 48 R.V.

Lyman Maltby, born Jan. 18, 1818 - died July 8, 1881.
Charlotte Howe, his wife, b. May 20, 1842 - died Jan. 28, 1908.
Jane, wife of Lyman Maltby, died Jan. 13, 1871, aged 42 yr's
                                               and 9 mo's

Fred Maltby, 1858-1914." (Note. This makes 4 inscriptions.D.M.V.)

(*Note. This is the only place where we have found "M" in her name.)