Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"Hamilton, but that is all--I hope you will do me the favor to communicate freely on this subject.

There is no A. in my name--Henry Maltby. I hear of Maltbys in Alabama--probably all the same family.

I am, venerable and very Dear Sir Your sincere friend. H. Maltby

P.S. Did you notice some time last summer obituary of Deacon Maltby of some place in this state? I can't remember name. He was quite aged. My eldest Br. and I had some correspondence of the subject but failed to fix him.

                      H. M."

Note. The "Dr. Maltby, England" mentioned, was Bishop Edward Maltby of Durham, Eng. The compiler owns a volume bound in leather, "Maltby's Illustrations." This was purchased from the Library of the Earl of Carysfort, and has his elaborate book-plate inside. Marked "Elton Hall. 1894." There is a picture of Elton Hall, over which are two elaborate shields of coat armor, surmounted by a coro- net over a helmet, on which is the crest. The "Illustrations" was published in 1802. It is dedicated to the Bishop of Lincoln.

Dr. Maltby descended from what is known as the Orston, Notting- hamshire, Maltbys.

I have several copies of different book-plates of Rev. Edward Maltby; he used the old Yorkshire Maltby coat of the three sheaves of wheat on a red bend, the shield silver. Other coats-of-arms are introduced in these, some quartering, some impaling.

The earliest record in their family is dated "1499." Inquest Post Mortem of Henry Boson, which mentions "an oxgang of land in ten- ure of Richard Maltby." By 1530, we learn that his son, Sir Richard Boson, owned land at Orston, Notts., and "Richard Maltby holds one oxgang of land at Orston, of him."

In 1545, Will of William Kercheuer of Orston, leaves:

"John Mawlbie a black cowe

To Robert Maltebie a cowe."

This last, Robert, is a proved ancestor of the Orston Maltbys. His will dated 10 March 1553, proved 1555. He mentions: "To John Maltby the Elder, one cote and a pair of hose and every year during his life, viii d."

It will be seen that the names "Richard, John, Robert" are strong names in our own branch. Our John Maltby of Kexby's will was in 1557, 2 years later than Robert of Orston. There is a very good pos- sibility that the two branches of Maltby, join about this time.

A second letter of Rev. Henry Maltby, also owned by the compiler, is given below.

                          "Oxford, Ohio, May 17, 1849."
 (Just 105 years ago this day.)     (17th May, 1954)

"My Dear Friend

A thousand thanks for your invaluable letter. I've purchased the finest Bible I could find (and a nicer one was never made in Am- erica) in which to record the long line of ancestry you have so kind- ly furnished me, and also to preserve your letter--

A great fondness for antiquities makes the treasure more valu- able--I have received no further information in reference to the subject of your inquiry--I have a family, after which you inquire.