Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Note. It requires some courage to suggest that one son of the first wife has been omitted. I believe there may have been a son William, b. about 1820, for the reason that there is a "lost line" of Maltby. I refer to a William Maltby who left home, because of punishment by his step-mother, which he considered unjust. I be- lieve he ate a pie--she did not intend him to have. He never men- tioned his family, but often spoke of Rochester, N.Y. When his first dau. was born he wanted her called Mary as he had a sister Mary he was fond of--(I think Marie). Then one day he and his young son were in a large wholesale store in Cincinnati, buying supplies. He suddenly turned and took his son out--saying "That man I saw was my cousin."

I can only see this as Lafayette Maltby. His firm of Keys, Maltby and Co., had a store in Cincinnati between 1852-1855. "It did the largest wholesale business in the city."

William's son placed his birth as about 1819-1825. Lafayette was a son of Anson (6), so William's father should be a son of a brother of Anson; which would mean he had to be a son of Timothy (6) Henry (6) or James (6). James (6) had a son William, but he was born in 1834, which appears to be too late a date.

This William Maltby was 6 feet 2 inches tall, and the sons in the line of Timothy (5) were all about 6 feet tall. In any event, I include a probable son to the foregoing list. Son?

VII.2097.  William Maltby, b. about 1819-1825.
               "6 feet 2 inches tall, dark brown hair, red mustache.
     Went from N.Y. State to Madison, Ind. about 1840.  Finely
     educated.  Taught school before his mar. in 1856."

VI.1033. Nancy Maltby, b. May 17, 1796 (Tim.5, Sam.4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. (1) Daniel Toombs. He died and she mar. (2), David Bennett. No children by Bennett.

VII.2098.  George Toombs.
VII.2099.  Anson    "     d. in early manhood from the effects of
                             an injury.
VII.2100.  Selina   "     "a beautiful girl with black hair and
                             eyes and a lovely complexion, died when
                             she was about 16."
VII.2101.  Jessie   "     mar. Mr. Frary.

VI.1035. Mabel Maltby, b. Dec. 4, 1800 (Tim.5, Sam.4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. Alden Crandall.

VII.2102.  Henry Crandall, mar. in the West; prob. Illinois.
VII.2103.  Fanette   "     mar. a Miss Norton.  No children.
VII.2104.  Martha Ann "    mar. John Woods; died soon afterwards;
                             had no children.
VII.2105.  Monroe     "    (prob. mar. but d. comparatively young).
VII.2106.  Charles    "    mar. and lived in Oswego, N.Y.; had a
                             son, Fred Crandall.