Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(N. E. H. Gen. Reg., July 1898, p. 377) The Will of Rev. Martin Simpson of Hackney, Middlesex, Eng. 1664/5 mentions, "John Rose of Southton, New England for transporting of his niece Hester Simeon."

(Colonial Rec., Vol. IV)

"1686-7. Jan. 26. William Maltby was a member of a Special Court."

(p. 227) Mar. 30, 1686/7. Member of a Special Court.

(Branford Rec., Vol. II, p. 36)

"March 1687. The town have given to Mr. Wm. Maltby two acres of land on the west side of the way that leads to the field of John White- head's land at Scotch Cap, and have appointed Jno. Whitehead and Jhno. Rose to lay it out.

The town have appointed Mr. Maltbie, Ensign Harrison and Samuel Bradfield to view a parcel of land near dod's swamp wh. William Hoadley desires the grain of and they are to make report thereof to the town."

(New Haven Records)

"William Maltbie, Commissioner and Justice of Peace, performed the following marriages.

     (p. 98)  1692.       2 marriages. 
     (p. 99)   "          1    " 
     (p.115)  1698        1    " 
     (p.136)  1702        2    " 
     (p.144)  1706        2    " 

"From 1687 to 1689," writes Mrs. Cushman, "I can find no mention of the name of William Maltby." The question arises, was he elsewhere? Barbados or England?

(Barnford Record?)

"1689-90. Hannah Maltbie and William Maltbie witness a deed of John Yale."

(New Haven County Court, Vol. II., p. 1)

"May 26, 1689. In the 10 year of King William. Wm. Maltbie, with others, was commissioned Justice of the Peace, etc., by Governor Win- throp." (See "Winthrop Papers, 1666-7). "Mr. Malbye on his journey to New York," i.e. John Malby brother of William. Also 1671, "Mr. Malby's arrival safe at Nevis." (John Malby)."

(Pub. Rec. of Conn.)

(p. 2) Aug. 29, 1689. "Special Court held at Hartford. Deputy, Mr. Wm. Maltby, for Branford."

(p. 3) Oct. 10, 1689. "A General Court at Hartford. Mr. William Malby for Branford. Deputy."

(p.15) April 11, 1690. "General Court at Hartford. Mr. Wm. Malby, for Branford."

(p.23) May 8, 1690. "General Court at Hartford. Mr. Wm. Maltby for Branford."

(p.42) May 14, 1691. "Court of Election at Hartford. Mr. Wm. Maltby for Branford.

(p.54) July 9, 1691. "Special Court at Hartford. Mr. Wm. Maltby for Branford.