Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"Everyone is talking about how superb Mrs. Maltby was, in a black velvet gown made by Crevey, combined with beautiful old lace with which she wore diamonds. She was positively regal." This was the late autumn of 1906.

Mr. George Williams Maltby, the compiler's grandfather, was a bit under medium height, but stated he had "settled" and his eyes were not as brown as in his younger days," his hair had been dark brown, and he had what is known in this branch of the family as "the Maltby nose." He was kindly, genial, easy-going, and as lovable a grandfather as any child could wish for. He was well educated, well read and owned many valuable old books. He preached for a long period of time but was not an ordained minister. He knew intimately many prominent men of his day and had a very fine collection of autographed letters written to him, personally. These he had promis- ed the compiler, but somehow they just disappeared. He was a good conversationalist, and always well posted on current events as well as those in history.

He died March 8, 1901, at his home on Dwight Street, New Haven, Conn., and was buried in the old Grove Street Cemetery, as were his father and grandfather and his son, George Ellsworth Maltby. His wife died in Feb. 1907.

The compiler owns a likeness of Hester LeBow and of George William Maltby, when quite a young man and of Sarah (Bogert) Maltby, not long before her death.

Mr. Maltby descended from a long line of well-known Conn. an- cestors. (See under George Ellsworth Maltby). Some of Mrs. Maltby's Dutch and French ancestors were: Batthon: Bertholf, Bogert, DeBaun, DeGraef, DeGroot, DeMarest, DeRuine, Drabble, Barebtsen, Gerritse, Henchickse, Idens, Jacobs, Kennise, LeSuer, Janse, Pier, Pietersen, Ericksen, Knutsen, Olafsdotter, Rapalje, Reyersen, Sanse, Schrench, Slodt, Sohier, Senbering, Stryckor, Stymetz, Tiebaut, Trico, Van der Burgruf, VanCoperen, VanImburgh, VanNess, VanHouden, VanSchaick, Van der Stratten, Van der Goes, Van der Schurer, Van der Vlucht, Van Winckle, Vermeulen, Van Wil, Plettenburg, Santfort, Willemse Van Westervelt, Wyckoff.

VII.2042.  Theodore Augustus Maltby, b. Mar. 19, 1847, New Haven.
VII.2043.  Emily Williams      "     b. Nov. 8, 1848    "    "
VII.2044.  Eleanor Augusta     "     b. May 12, 1850    "    "
VII.2045.  George Ellsworth    "     b. Feb. 9, 1852    "    "
VII.2046.  Charles Townshend   "     b. Sept. 8, 1858   "    "

VI.1004A. David Bishop, b. 1814 (Lydia 5 Tyler, Abigail 4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1) Mar. Lucinda Baldwin, b. 1813, d. May 11, 1873, aged 60. She was born in the large house where Dr. Doolittle lived, Pine Orchard. Inscription on his tombstone "D. Nov. 19,1884, ae. 70."

VII.2047.  George Bishop, had Iva Bishop who m. Mr. Baxter, had
                            2 girls.
VII.2048.  Oliver   "     m. Ruth Fenn, had a child.
VII.2049.  Mary     "     m. Lyman Johnson, both now dead (ca. 1920 ?)