Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(Colonial Rec. of Conn., Vol. III, p. 168).

"May 14, 1585. Mr. Wm. Maulby and Lieut. Eli Stint were elected deputies from Branford."

(Savage Gen. Dist).

This work calls Hannah Hosmer, wid. of Josiah Willard, "wife of William Maltby in 1686."

(Col. Rec. Conn., Vol. III, p. 195).

May 13, 1686. Re-elected deputy.

(p. 208) July 6, 1686. Elected deputy to Special Court.

(p. 211) July 28, 1686. Member of General Court.

(p. 214) Oct. 14, 1686. Member of General Court.

"Oct. 11, 1686, the town agreed to apply to the General Court at Hartford for permission to embody into a church estate, such as were suitable subjects. Wm. Maltbye was chosen one of the delegates and his name is among these appended to the petition." Mrs. Cushman wrote:

"We saw the original paper and the autograph of our ancester among the Esclesiastical Records. (Vol. Il, pp. 84,85)." See also "Colonial Records, p. 216." The petition was granted. They had previously, April 12, 1686, given Mr. Samuel Russell, a son of Rev. John Russell of Hadley, (who sheltered the regicide Goffe) Mass., and a graduate of Harvard, an invitation to settle with them as their minister and he had given an answer in the affirmative on the 12th of Sept. 1687. (Branford Church Manual, p. 12); also "Gillett's Semi-Cont??nial, p. 10). "It was in the large south parlor of his dwelling that the convention of ministers met to found Yale College. He was one of the trustees. It was during his pasterate that the town divided into Old and North Branford, and after a time the latter set off a part of its people who formed a third society called Northford." (Ibid., pp. 11-12).

The church records began: "The afternamed embodied in the church Covenant, etc."

          Samuel Russell           Elizabeth Barker 
          Wm. Maltby               Hannah Maltby 
          Eleazer Stent            Sarai Blatchly 
          Samuel Pond              Miriam Pond 
          Jnot. Frisbie            Dorcas Taintor 
          Jno. Taintor             Eliz. Stent 
          Peter Tyler              Hannah Wheadon."
These were the "seven pillars" mentioned by Gillett in his sermon, p.10 and the
 same time adjoined 
          Danll Swain              Eliz. Pamer 
          Aaron Blatchly           Hannah Frisbie 
          Thos. Sargant            Deliver's Rose 
          Samll Betts              Mary Betts 
                                   Ruth Frisby 
                                   Sarai Page 
                                   Sarah Cuterel 
                                   Jane Tyler 

Note. The following notes on the Rose family may be of interest.

(Hist. of Southampton, L.I.) "John Rose of Southampton, L.I. from whom all Rose there are descended."