Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

At the time of his death, Rev. Harvey Linsley owned some prop- erty in Compton, Calif., and a street there was named for him. (Note. D.M.V. In Sept. 1907, while residing at Soulsbyville, Tou- lournne Co., Calif., a dear friend died and was buried in Senora. Her husband was thankful to find an Episcopal clergyman passing through, to preside at the funeral services. Later, talking with him we found his name was Linsley--and he was in California due to poor health. However, he did not seem to know the Conn. Linsleys. My impression is he came from a mid-western state).

     Children of Rev. Harvey Linsley and Rachel Keyes:
VII.1962.  Grace Jennie Linsley, b. Dec. 28, 1873, d. July 28, 1877,
               b. in Buckfield, Mo.; bur. Canon City, Colorado.
VII.1963.  Ray Keyes Linsley, b. Nov. 3, 1875, Central City, Colo.
VII.1964.  Vivian Halsey  "   b. Feb. 8, 1878, Wetmore, Colo.
VII.1965.  Twin brother died soon after birth, bur. Canon City, Colo.
VII.1966.  Edna Eunice Linsley, b. Oct. 26, 1879, Wetmore, Colo.
VII.1967. (Earle Garfield  "    b. June 19, 1882,    "       "
VII.1968. (Paul Judson     "    b. June 19, 1882,    "       "

(Major Ray Keyes Linsley's "Linsley Genealogy devotes pp. 110- 115 to accounts of his parents, including their silver wedding anniversary).

VI.945. Esther Ann Linsley, b. Dec. 3, 1850, Northford, Ct. (John S. Linsley 5, Sarah 4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. as 2nd wife, George Francis Spencer, Jan. 1, 1875. Esther Ann was educated at Northford and at Conn. Lit. Institute, Suffield. She had her hands fully occupied as Mr. Spencer had by his 1st wife, 2 sons aged 4 and 2, a brother who lived with them until his death, also the mother of his 1st wife, for a time, and later his father and mother and the mother's twin sister. With her own family of five, one can imagine what an undertaking with divergent personalities and ages. She was remark- able for her management of the home, and her cheerful and balanced outlook on life. She lived to see the seven children grown to matur- ity and successful.

Mr. Spencer was a descendant of Thomas Spencer of Hartford. Another ancestor was John Marsh. George Francis Spencer was b. at Hampton, Jan. 18, 1842, son of George Dyer Spencer and Martha Spald- ing. Educated at Lebanon Academy--1865 app. postmaster at South Windham, and conducted a grocery business there in 1869, became steward and collector at Conn. Lit. Inst. (where his 1st wife, Martha Champlin died, leaving a son Francis Howey aged 2, and Arthur Champ- lin, aged 2 weeks).

In 1875 he bought a store at Deep River and with his brother, Dwight Spalding Spencer, conducted Spencer Brothers Store. He was a charter member of Sons of American Revolution. App. by Gov. Morris, Democrat, to State Board of Charities. He d. Jan. 21, 1907, his wife died Feb. 13, 1930, buried with her husband at Deep River.

     Children by 2nd wife:
VII.1969.  Martha Linsley Spencer, b. Oct. 28, 1875, Lebanon, Ct., unmar.
VII.1970.  George Dwight     "     b. Aug. 22, 1876; mar. Grazo Higgins.
VII.1971.  Benjamin Halsey   "     b. Nov. 9, 1885; m. Valida Biron.
VII.1972.  Charles Spaulding "     b. Oct. 8, 1888; m. Lettie Peterson.
VII.1973.  Esther            "     b. Nov. 30, 1890; m. Leon Hart.
               Grad. Hartford High School, "a much admired girl."