Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

VI.942. Lieut. Benjamin Maltby Linsley, born Nov. 2, 1841 (John S. Linsley 5, Sarah 4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). He was just graduated from the Conn. Literary Institute, Suffield, Ct., when war broke out in 1861. He grad. class of 1862; enlisted in 14th U.S. Infantry, ad- vanced to the point of becoming a Lieut. when he went out on a scout- ing assignment, in the Battle of the Wilderness, and was never heard from again, in spite of all the efforts of his brothers and comrades who searched over the grounds and talked with his comrades.

He was a fine musician and should have made a record had he lived. Tombstone at Northford.

                               "Benjamin Maltby
                                  son of
                             John S. and Eliza A. Linsley.

missing from Co. A., 14th U.S. Infantry in the battles of the Wilder- ness, May 9, 1864. Appointed 1st Lieut. 108th U.S.C.T. by Special Orders 216 War Department. 1864. AE. 22."

Letter to the compiler from Hannah Linsley:

"He was just ready to enter Yale College when the Civil War broke out. He said: 'It seems as if no one could see this struggle for the Right going on and not have a hand in it--I must go! ' And so he left us. In that fearful battle of the Wilderness he was sent out a scout, and no trace of him could be found. Our beautiful young brother, our jewel and pride, so noble and talented--it makes the heart ache even now to think what he must have suffered. It has been a life-long sorrow to us all. A commission as 1st Lieut. in another regiment arrived from Washington for him just too late. He was in the 14th S. U.

The War was terrible and costly, but the heaviest loss beyond estimate, and never to be repaired, was the loss of so many of the noblest of the Nation's young men."

An amusing incident of consanguinity is in a letter Hannah wrote the compiler.

"My grandmother's uncle, Jonathan Fowler, married a first cousin of my grandfather. Her brother, Benjamin Maltby married a 1st cousin of my grandfather. Next, Benjamin's daughter, 1st and 2nd cousin to my father, mar. Jonathan" (Fowler?) "second double cousins to her and he was double cousin to my Father. What relation were her sons Levi and Oscar to my Father? Then Levi Fowler married a 3rd cousin of mine on the Linsley side. What would you call their daughters to me?"

VI.943. Rev. Harvey Linsley, b. Apr. 26, 1843 (John S. Linsley 5, Sarah 4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). He was born on the old farm at North- ford, where he spent his youth. Grad. from Conn. Literary Institute, Suffield, in 1866. He taught school in Southington and elsewhere. Served as nurse, clerk and assistant hospital steward in the army Gen. Hospital Dept. of the East, in 1864, located on Long Island. Brown University 1866-7, Providence, R.I., grad. Croner Theological Seminary at Chester, Pa., 1871; Ordained Buckfield, Maine, 1871.

As a Baptist Minister his first pastorate was at Buckfield, 1871 to 1875. He then took up Home Missionary work under the National Board and went to Colorado; located at Central City, 75-76, Wetmore, 77-84; Canon City, 84-85; Saguache, 85-87; and Las Animas, 87-89.