Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(P. 108) Mar. 31, 1682. Wm. Maltby and George Page: "their choice of plowland is at the head of Brushy plain, on ye westward side of Connecticut path between the hill and a rundle of water, that runs into ye beaver swamp. Also a choice of cow pasture."

(P. 412) May 16, 1682. He was appointed, with others, "to act in the matter regarding Mr. Fordham of Long Island." (Note. Mary Maltby, b. 1673, only dau. of John (1) Maltby, and niece of William Maltby, mar. 1689, Major Joseph Fordham of Southampton, L.I. Probably the above was Rev. Robert Fordham).

(Branford Rec., Vol. II.)

(P. 2) "June 26, 1682. William Maltby purchased land from Nathaniel Foot."

1682. "Mr. William Mawbley and Noah Rogers are presented for Freeman." May. 1682.

(The following from Mrs. Cushman's notes, had no dates, but immediately follow the above record).

(P. 36) "The town gives Wm. Maltbie 2 acres on the west side of the way that leads to his field."

(P. 58) "A cow pasture is laid out for Wm. Maltbie at pipe staffe hill." (See his Will).

(P. 62) The town gives him "3 or 4 acres, part rocky, adjoining his land."

(P. 62) "He is chosen among three townsmen for the ensuing year."

(P. 36) "Appointed, with others, to view a parcel of land." "1682. May. He was proposed for Freeman and in October was admitted a freeman of the Colony." (Ralph D. Smith).

(P. 106) "At a Towne meeting, Mar. 27, 1682, George Tyler was chosen. Mr. Maltbye having given his reasons for dissisting his work."

Note. From 1672 until Mch. 27, 1682, the name of William Maltby appears upon the records every year. From 1682 until 1685 I find no mention of him. Did he go to England?

Whereas it does not seem likely, it will not do to omit mention of a pedigree of Brough, compiled by Charles Langley Maltby of England in 1909. The pedigree begins with Richard Brough and wife Jane--of Shelton, Notts." The Shelton Register gives them four children, viz: George, b. 1631; Anne, b. 1633; Abigail, b. 1635; and "Mary, bapt. 20 Mar. 1636, mar. William Maltby, 1682."

Nothing further of Anne or Mary. George Brough, b. 1631, d. 1708, and was father of Jane Brough who married at Shelton, 1682, William Maltby, of Graton, Notts. Abigail b. 1635, mar. at Shelton, 1688, Thomas Socker.

The Graton Maltbys thought it was the New England William Maltby who married Mary Brough in 1682. It is of course possible that our William Maltby went to England and married her in 1682, but in any case it is evident there were no children by this marriage.

Returning to New England.

Feb. 27, 1685. The Will of Thomas Hosmer of Hartford, Conn., mentions "daughter Hannah Malby" and "son-in-law Malby." Therefore we know that Hannah was his wife by 1685.